True Confidence Is Moving Forward In Uncertainty.

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“Let me keep my distance, always, from those who think they have the answers.

Let me keep company always with

those who say “Look!” and laugh in

astonishment, and bow their heads.”

~Mary Oliver, “Mysteries, Yes”
(art by me)

5 FEEL GOOD Things I Want to Share with YOU! 

1. You can watch “Stutz” on Netflix now.  It’s an interesting + vulnerable doc about therapist (Stutz) made by his patient Jonah Hill.

“True confidence is moving forward in uncertainty.” ~ Stutz

I loved the practical  “tools” shared and the mutual care + love between these two men.❤️

According to Stutz, “There are 3 aspects of reality : pain, uncertainty, and the need for constant work.”

We all have to face these 3 things.

It’s on Netflix now.

2.  I thought you needed to know how to write a book to write one, but you don’t! I am living proof. And maybe it’s not a book you want to write, but something else you don’t know about.  There is magic in simply deciding you will do it.

Inger Kenobi and I just recorded a short video where we share how we wrote our first books.

We talked about: 

-What about structure?

-How to get started?

-The advice Inger got when a celebrity snagged her book contract.. .

Click HERE to listen.

We also share why we love our upcoming writing program. First and foremost:

-There will be no reading and critiquing of each other’s work. (phew!)

-You will never feel behind (because the focus is on writing, not on catching up on gazillion classes.)

-You’ll feel safe and supported (writers are the coolest people!)

The early-bird discount lasts until December 1st.

Click HERE to check out the details.

3. QUOTE that has me sinking deeper into a truth:  

“If you take objects out of a room, one by one, two thing

will happen. The first is obvious. You will miss some of the

things you have taken away. The second is that you will

notice the things that remain more than ever. Your attention

will focus. You will be more likely to read the books that

are left on the shelves. You will appreciate the remaining

chairs more. And if there is a chess board, you are more

likely to play chess. When things are taken from us, the stuff

that remains has more value. It rises not only in visibility

but also intensity. What we lose in breadth we gain in depth.

– Matt Haig

As I’ve been releasing more and more items from my space and calendar as part of the Tiger’s Nest course Ive been co-running with Inger Kenobi, there is a sweet power and clarity that rises up.  What’s most dear is more clear.  If you’d like to get more inspo on this topic, I recommend following Joshua Becker’s work. 

4. Shorten Your To-Do List.  Make it only 3 items long.  This idea was one I have heard from several sources but am finally putting into action.  I do keep a longer to-do list in my phone ( I use To-do-Ist App for that) so that weird long term to-do’s all get captured .  LEARN HOW here. 

“To accomplish more and spend time on your highest-impact tasks,
you have to act on them on a daily basis.”

-Chris Bailey

I am wishing you the MOST peaceful and CALM holiday season.

Whatever is important to you, I hope you get the chance to embody it (imperfectly of course!).

with love,


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