Best Holiday Gifts Created By Sarah Seidelmann for People Who Love Transformation!!

  1.  A Mug for Your Friend Who’s Been Mentioning She Could Use A Few More Boundaries…. (“There’s No Way In HAELLLLLL I’m DOing That”

2. A Daily Reader for That Friend Who is Working on Her Morning Routine and More Self-Reflection.

3. A tote/reuseable shopping bag  for the Jon Kabat Zinn (The Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction!) Fan in Your Life.

4. A Petite Original Painting for the Friend Who Needs A Bright Spot of Encouragement in Her Life:  “Love Yourself”


5.  A t-shirt for That Friend Who’s Ready to Take the Leap and Wants to Befriend Her Fear!

6.  The Perfect Book for the Animal Lover in Your Life Who Could Use a Bit of Magic In Her Life NOW.

7.  A 90 Minute Virtual (or in Person) 1:1  Shamanic Healing Session with Sarah.   Contact Sarah to Set up.

“Both of my sessions with Sarah have been life changing… she is incredibly gifted.”
– client

8. For the Person Recently Diagnosed with ADHD (Or is worried about themselves?). This Book will have them laughing and feeling much better. Promise.

9. A Three day mini course in January 23-25th via Zoom to Provide The Writer in Your LIfe with the Tools and Support To get Started on Writing Their Story down!

10.  6 Sessions of Extended Support via Coaching or Shamanic Healing for the Loved One Who Is Undergoing a Radical Transformation and Needs Support.  Contact Sarah.  






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