Patience is Also An Action and other Feel Good Ideas for You Now


1. Vitamin P is my supplement of choice heading into 2024. If there is one thing I’ve learned in 56 years,  it is that all good things take time.  Friendships. Recovery. Marriages.  Book writing.  Self-compassion. Art careers.  Children growing up.  Myself growing up.  And all of it goes so much better with patience.  Patience for myself. Patience with others.  Patience with GOD/The Universe about the timing of things.  I resolve, instead,  to be restful and alert.  What do you need more Vitamin P for? 

2. Making a list of the top things you loved or learned in 2023 will be a gift to you. We all have a tendency to forget how awesome we are and how much we have grown and learned.  I know this first hand, and from talking to clients every day.  I’ve found that it’s invaluable to do an annual review.

Grab your calendars, past social media posts (if you regularly post meaningful stuff there!) and your journals and look back (with LOVING EYES please) on yourself.  What did you learn? I guarantee you’ll be astonished.  

Here’s what I loved + learned LAST year.  It was A LOT.  This year, I have already thought to myself, “My list for 2023 will be waaay shorter….gah! I’ve done nothing!” HA!  There’s that horrible tendency to forget.  I hope you find an hour with yourself to discover the riches of what you’ve learned and that you share it with somebody close to you!

3. The FUCK IT DIET continues.  I mentioned in November that I had committed to the Fuck It Diet and embracing Intuitive Eating, as restrictive eating patterns had begun to fail me after 5 years.

I’ve taken away all the food rules and have been exploring body appreciation and respect instead.  A few pounds have joined me, but the sky has not (yet) fallen. I’m committing my 2024 to unlearning much of what I have been taught and I hope to make some art about it too!:)

If you have ever struggled with binge eating (binge = when you feel like you cannot stop and you want to ) there’s a brilliant little book on KINDLE my friend Max wrote that is succinct, smart and will give you the confidence to stop thwarting yourself.  I LOVE her writing and she’s got serious chops when it comes to this topic.

4. Best (Old) New Interview of Liz Gilbert I’ve Discovered!  Her perspectives always help me EXHALE and feel less freakish.  This old interview was NEW to me!

“….we live in a culture that tells women, you’re supposed to be run dry of your usefulness in service of others. But the more general message in a capitalistic, Protestant work ethic society is that you all have one gift within you that you are given by the universe, and your job in life is to find out what that gift is. You’re then to cultivate it, then to become the master of it, then to become the best at it of anybody in the entire world, then to monetize it, then to expand it so that other people can be included so that their lives will be changed by it. No pressure, but that’s the fucking brief. That’s the brief that everybody in our culture is given, and it is brutal. That is a brutal, brutal instruction manual. Because that is not actually what a human life looks like. It’s messier than that. It’s more organic than that. We change our interests all the time. Our hearts shift. That is insanity. That is an insane brief.” – Liz Gilbert

Read the whole interview.

It is an insane brief. What if you are already living your purpose by being present with your life- wherever you are—right now?

We are the music of the Universe and the melody is constantly changing….and….. if we can be present to ourselves, I believe that life can be riveting and beautiful.

(from my November Journal)

5.  “American Symphony” (on Netflix now) is the pitch perfect documentary for right now.  It’s intimate, inspiring, instructive and I’ve been thinking about it for days.  For me, it answers the question: How can we continue to be creative and show up for our own selves/our own personal work AND our beloveds when things in our world are falling apart?

Once you watch it, you can listen to Dax Shepherd’s intervew with Jon Batiste which is also revealing/inspiring.

Wishing you a week full of aliveness + love!

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with love,

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