Authentic Fashion February! Let’s Find Our FEELGOOD Style Together!


It may seem crazy for me to write about style so soon after a veritable coup de etat took place in our Nation’s capitol. And yet, I feel like now is the time to connect with our own powerful individual frequency and to link up with each other. To keep the faith. To keep our spirits high. So, here goes.

All the social distancing has had me in a fashion schlump. Wearing loungewear every day left me feeling kind of “meh”. It was good for a while, but then it wasn’t. And my seductive rationalizer (READ here about her) really likes to DRESS UP. It’s a sort of medicine for this “part” of me.

Ironically, dressing up keeps her happy (and—HUGE BONUS!—-when she’s content, she doesn’t need me to indulge in cookies and cocktails when she gets to dress up!) and I feel better!

Parts work is powerful!! If you suspect have have a tough inner critic or a seductive rationalizer thwarting you, I’d love to help you! You can book a coaching session here.

This project started with a coat (see above photo!). This coat was so wild and colorful that it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  I have searched and claimed my own authentic style through the years. My “everything must be black”motto in grad school ( I was super cool unless you had a light haired pet).  My” Scottish highland lass” phase in college (ruffled collars, glen plaids and prim hunting jackets). Then there was a decade and a half where I swear I only wore scrubs ( I was a practicing physician with 4 kids- it was survival –but I did rock some leopard clogs–somehow keeping my fashion pilot flame a ‘flickering.

And when I’m overwhelmed (medical school, childrearing madness, pre-med in college) people have had to ask me why I have been wearing the same thing for three days. I tend to neglect myself when it gets hairy.

WOW. I had forgotten how much a great outfit (READ: comfy for me and deeply authentic) can make me feel LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! And I am motivated right now because I’ve been in recovery from a sugar and flour addiction (I am a compulsive eater) for the last three years and being creative fosters that recovery- which I treasure! And, no matter where you are on your body journey- you deserve to feel fabulous in what you are wearing. It makes a difference.

My wonderful friend Paula (a counselor in the public schools working from home) and I decided to text each other a photo of our outfit each morning. It sounded fun to have somebody to share it with!
(here is darling Paula below!)

Paula adores fashion and is a ninja thrifter and has been teaching me how to find treasures at Savers and Poshmark and I have introduced her to my favorite Salvation Army store. Like me, she’s been on a transformative journey away sugar for a few years now.

(me below in one of my most authentic outfits- I feel good in this!!)

As we were diving into sharing our daily outfits, I read this wonderful book “The Curated Closet” that’s unlike any other fashion or closet book. It helped me begin to reconnect with my own authentic style- not the “capsule wardrobe must haves” (Moto jackets make me sweaty!) or some such generic prescription…..but helping me explore and clarify what lights me up. It’s been roughly ten years since I’ve really thought about my clothes!

So, for two months, I’ve been really digging deep into my clothing “identity” by taking selfies of outfits each day and discovering what I REALLY LIKE!

Turns out that delicate jewelry isn’t my thing!

I like loose jeans, chunky chains and rhinestones!

I’m looking for more danger and edginess and needing to take more risks! Jackie O style cardigans are NOT MY THING – and (yet!) I’ve been buying them for years!!! Curious!

(this outfit also rang my bell- I like the whimsy and sparkle!)

Getting daily fashion selfies from Paula and (now) my sister Maria too (below!) has been so joyful! Love seeing how they put things together! Neon Swedish clogs, velvet tank dresses and poppy jumpsuits! It excites me to text them my outfits too!


The more I tweak and learn about my style and dress to delight myself, the more confident and playful I feel. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you, in case you want to go on a style pilgrimage with your own closet.

The process will unleash your creativity and reconnect you to your sense of self to boot!  We are living in uncertain times and anything we can do to enliven our joy and empower our creativity is valuable!

Do you want to play too?

  1. Find a buddy who wants to adventure with you. Agree to text an outfit to them each day. Save them in a file in your phone. After you collect twenty or more selfies, study the images and reflect! What did you feel best in? What surprised you? Read “The Curated Closet” together!
  2. Study somebody who’s style you admire. Create a Pinterest board or collect images you like. You can see mine here. I’m a huge fan of Jenna Lyons of J/ Crew fame (her new show on HBO “Style” was also a catalyst for me!)
  3. Get dressed! See what new combos you can put together! Can you recreate a look you admire?
  4. Go thrifting and try out something new! The risk is low when you’re buying gently used things! One of my new favorite jackets was $4.99.
  5. TRY TO DESCRIBE Your STYLE in a few lines or words.

I’m STILL working on mine:
“PDiddy Preppy”?
“Edgy Little Women”? (as in the book!)

I like tailored with an unkempt edge. a bit of prim and proper with an irreverent twist- ripped baggy jeans + rhinestone butterfly pin+ Shetland wool blazer in pink.

I’m convinced that the more joyful YOU-ness you can vibrate, the better off our world will be!

If you’re interested in a wee fun “class” on this with some prompts and a private facebook group to post our selfies in (Authentic Fashion February?) here’s the SCOOP!  Join the facebook group now.

There will be:

 -a suggested book (not required)

 -a private/safe/supportive facebook group (so we can each post our outfits selfies daily) 

-Three FUN one hour zoom calls to inspire and assist you on your journey.

Prompts in the facebook group to increase your understanding of your unique style (they will not be emailed or accessible anywhere else).  

***these will all be recorded and posted in the facebook group  in case you can’t join us!***

GET READY Saturday January 30 @3 PM Central/1PM Pacific 

A CHECK IN Thursday February 9 @3 PM Central/1PM Pacific 

Style  FINALE on Saturday February 27 @3 PM Central/1PM Pacific 

The Promise: If you fully show up for this month by taking (and POSTING) those selfies for us, digging deep into your closet and exploring, you’ll end up being much clearer on what your style is.  And when you discover that one outfit that makes you feel 100%, you can begin to build more like that one.  You’ll even have a few great adjectives to describe it (or a draft of those words!) and you will be ready to do any shopping necessary in the future to fill your your dream wardrobe as necessary. 

Investment?  This mini-course/adventure is BY DONATION!  You can pay what you like to me (Sarah) at Venmo  @Sarah-Seidelmann  or via PayPal  

Join the facebook group now.



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