Forget Resolutions for 2021, You Need a BEASTIE of the Year!


Grab my bookie in time for your New Years Soiree here.

Hello creators of wonder and magic!

I love this time of year—it’s a time for envisioning what is possible.

I encourage you to take 30 minutes of quiet time for yourself to reflect on the year- what went well (and what could stand for some improvement) and write it down. I often scan through the calendar on my phone, my journal and facebook or Instagram photos to jog my memory.

Then ask yourself-  wouldn’t it be cool if…..[fill in the blank whatever you would like to happen in the year ahead]?

How would you like to grow- what would be cool?

Is 2021 the year you will FINALLY, _________?

A wee story:

A few years ago, I had thought to myself:  “Wouldn’t be cool to audition for a Moth podcast-  or perform at one?”

Even though it scared me- I knew it would be a perfect challenge and growth experience for me.

A few months later, while sitting getting my hair done, my amazing stylist said she was starting a LIVE story telling event locally and WOULD I BE INTERESTED IN TELLING A STORY at her inaugural event?

You cannot make this stuff up!  The Universe is LISTENING to what you are requesting.

I told my first story (scary but oh so awesome) at “Gag Me with a Spoon” a month later and I have returned 4 times since to tell more.  It turned out to be a highlight of my creative year!

What would you like to stretch yourself to do?

Where are your strengths and how could you share them, grow them, challenge them to expand?

What could you use some extra-ordinary help with?

What has been so hard for you “figure out” and you are ready to surrender it to a force greater than yourself?

Once maybe you have written down a few things you would like more of in 2021- post your list prominently!

This year I am offering a new “Beastie of the Year” service by donation. 

I am opening a ceremony and will ask my helping spirits to bring a Beastie of the Year for YOU.

If you’d like one for yourself:

  1. Send me your donation (pay what you like) to my paypal or venmo
  2. Give me a few lines (in the memo!) about what you are longing to create/experience/transform in your life in 2021.
  3. Please send your best email too.

Then, I will sit at my altar and ask for a Beastie to be shown..the one that can help you in 2021. Then I’ll send you a bit of information, two pages of detailed inspiration from my Book of Beasties and a guided meditation (plus a bonus New Year meditation) to your email. It will arrive in 1-2 days time.

My Paypal address is here: 

My venmo is @Sarah-Seidelmann

Want to discover a Beastie of the YEAR for yourself or a gaggle of your besties?  You could use my (iOS) APP

and use the “divination feature”.  Simply take turns setting your intention and pressing the “divine” button and let the Universe choose for you!

You can find the book here:

Each beastie has two big pages on ideas for work, love, relationships, creativity and practices that can help you now:)

I haven’t chosen my beastie yet but here is my first stab at what I am aiming to create in 2021.  I hope it inspires you to make your own list!

To be in integrity with myself.

To create art and write without limits.

To live a calm and spirit centered life.

To be present.

To publish my coming of age book that has been in the works for three years!

With love and ELEPHANTS, Sarah

P.S.  The new PIXAR movie “SOUL” is such a treat!! Highly recommend!!


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