Advice for Those Who Want to Write (or Paint or Create or Work -Out) But, Aren’t.


This weekend I treated myself to an online writing course with Anne Lamott.  She is my Beyonce.  I was reminded by her dog snoring on her lap and her radical honesty that complex problems often have simple solutions.  Her advice for those who want to write, but can’t seem to get started was extremely simple.

She told the story about how many women began coming to her writing classes in the 1980’s and saying “I can’t seem to get the hang of this writing thing…I WANT TO BE WRITING…but….”.   You could exchange any other creative activity- PAINTING, DOING REIKI HEALING SESSIONS, HAVIG MORE RAPTUROUS SEX, WRITING MY SCREENPLAY, THROWING POTS.

As Anne prodded and poked at these 19080’s participants, she discovered that they were often attending “Nautilus” Three times a week (remember those work out machines that were all the rage- your mom probably tried it!).  So, she’d say to these women—Look—I just need you to give me one of those hours you’d be doing Nautilus..but for writing.

And then, she reported, they would begin to hem and haw.  “But…I feel so much better when I do Nautilus…I couldn’t give it up.”

Anyhoo….the moral is…we all have our reasons for NOT DOING THE THING WE SAY WE WANT TO DO.  Nautilus. Keeping the house spotless.  First we need to lose those ten pounds. The kids need us.  The dogs need us.  The kids’ dogs need us.

Which is why Anne’s advice for those who want to write but are not currently writing is this:
Stop not writing.

(or not painting, or not launching your numerology services or not practicing yoga or whatever it is that you are not currently doing that you say you want to do.)

it’s a cheeky but powerful bit of advice.  Integrity with ourselves isn’t easy.  And doing these things we want to do probably isn’t going to turn us into bajjillionaires, sexy beasts, or make us famous.  But, it is going to be damn satisfying when we look back and see what we did.

It feels SOOOOO good to be in integrity.

I recently taught a class on building minihabits.  These can be VERY powerful for taking steps towards that integrity.

I have started doing pushups again (and my mom said I have Michelle Obama arms last night which I take as a very HIGH compliment!).

If you missed the course and want to learn how to build your own FEEL GOOD habit stack you can purchase the mp3 recording here.

I am working on a new 6 month shamanic adventure in spirit for those of you yearning to get to know yourselves and your helping spirits better!  I’ll be sharing it soon!
Sending you lots of love and courage! 


P.S.  Have you been using my new book “How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?” and enjoying it? I would LOVE a brief review at Amazon or Goodreads if it feels good!  Your words can help a reader say YES!  Thank you so much!!



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