YOU are an Everlasting Gobstopper.

Hello Dear Creators of WONDER and MAGIC!

My son Charlie (age 11) is obsessed with giant jawbreakers.  As I was moving this huge sticky one this AM I was struck by a thought: We’re all EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS, here to dissolve the outer (obscuring) layers until…BOOM….our divine center is revealed.???????????? Follow me on Instagram for more  gobstoppers of goodness..

What are these layers (some oh so colorful!) I’m talking about?  I think it’s all of our glorious resistance to our AWESOMENESS- our lack of willingness to try again, our anger, our sadness, our self pity, our refusal to be vulnerable…our FEAR…all this stuff that keeps us from feeling connected and SHINING.

And (yay!), I feel a tiny bit SHINIER today because I had some GREAT NEWS last week-  I got a literary agent to represent me (and she’s from New York CITY!).  That means I am one step closer to getting my 3rd book published in the way I dreamed I would.

Right away, she asked me to write a blurb to describe my book in very few words.  I did my homework diligently and I included in the brief PITCH that my famous sister (comedian Maria Bamford) would be willing to promote it and was also in the book itself.  The reason I mentioned Maria is that I’d been told that her celebrity would help make a case for publishing it.  When I first heard this,  it was a little uncomfortable. Maria and I are close and we always encourage each other but we’ve never asked each other for promotion.  But, I asked Maria and she graciously agreed.  I figured if that’s what it takes to tell this story and (BIG DREAM) I encourage others- then so be it.

When I sent the blurb,  my agent said this:
(read it in a strong New York City accent, LOL)

You need to delete the references to your sister.  They are unnecessary.  This material needs to stand on its own.   Your sister’s fans are not a “market” for this book.  Hope you don’t mind my directness here – I am known for being totally up front.

When I read this I nearly JUMPED FOR JOY!  The material could stand on its own-   it was suddenly clear-  she didn’t want to represent me because I was MARIA BAMFORD’S SISTER-  she wanted to rep me because she believed in the words I’d written.  (Happy sigh…)

Is there anywhere in your life where you believe you aren’t enough-  you’ll need connections…or you’ll need to change who you are or….[something else weird has to happen before you (or your work)  will be enough]..?  What if you and your [work,effort, creation,business,talent] was ENOUGH right this very minute?

I believe you are ready and able to do beautiful things right now!

So here’s the book blurb-  I wanted you guys to know a bit more about the book- it will be at least a year before it sees the light of day but I am thrilled for the progress!

At mid-life, with four kids and a physician husband, domesticated physician Sarah Bamford Seidelmann took a radical sabbatical to search for a way to FEEL GOOD again. [Her book] tells the eccentric, often poignant, and frequently hilarious experience of a working mother undergoing a cataclysmic shift from physician to shamanic healer. What did Sarah do to ultimately say “yes” to her true calling?  The better question is, what didn’t she do?  She traveled to South Africa to negotiate a bride’s price, hugged a mustang, had bones thrown for her, journeyed to spirit worlds, danced with sacred stones, had a healing on a tarp in the desert, went through a sacred carwash, unearthed her shadow (an inflatable version of Dolly Parton with two orifices), learned to rely on a spirit pachyderm and became a Life Obstacle Assassin (err…life coach).  Add in the parallel journey of a non-yogini traveling to India to meet real live gurus, enter underground caves with dead spirits and you’ve got a story that’s perfect for armchair seekers looking for an implausible, entertaining and relatable story to inspire them to say YES to their own unique hero’s journey.

If you are ready to shift something, let go of an old pattern to step into clarity around something, book a session for shamanic healing with me and we can work via FaceTime, Skype or phone.

We all need a little help and magic along the way!

With love, Sarah

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