A Tool to Cure Your Pain (Emotional, Spiritual or Physical) Shamanically


Hello dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC!

In shamanism we understand that the only way to truly CURE ourselves of illness, a dysfunctional pattern, pain or emotional angst is to go back to the original source –  the spiritual CAUSE or root.  When we can dig out the root and remove it we will finally be free from whatever the suffering is.  There are many ways to get at this root and shamanic healing is one.  A fellow practitioner (Lauralee Alben of Sea Change Design Insitute) showed me a new practice this weekend that can also show you what the ROOT is of your particular illness, sadness, pain or suffering.  I did it and was gobsmacked.  Being gobsmacked is sort of DIAGNOSTIC-  if you feel that way about what you learn on this journey then you’ll have hit on the root cause:)  Then-  WOOHOO! You can do something about it! As my very wise mother says, “Awareness is EVERYTHING”
So first, you need to know how to shamanic journey–  which I know many of you already do! If you don’t- you can learn how here.  So you’ll just need to decide what chronic issue you want to work with ( I decided to use back pain which I’ve had a few episodes of this year – it struck hard and fast last weekend- hobbling me temporarily)…you can choose something
-physical (cancer, headaches, skin condition)
-unbalanced behavior  (constantly care taking others when you need to take care of self or addiction- overeating/shopping/alcohol abuse)
-An emotional condition-  depression, anxiety or uncontrolled anger

You’ll go on the journey with your Core Beastie (Spirit animal) or Guide/teacher and ask,

{this is the journey INTENTION}
“PLEASE SHOW ME THE ROOT CAUSE OF THIS PARTICULAR WOUNDING and the wisdom and guidance to heal this wound. ”

A 15 minute journey will be perfect.

For my back pain journey, I was immediately taken to my house when I was a newborn and was crying inconsolably in my bed.  My mom was overwhelmed (I was her first baby and was extremely colicky!) and I was shown/told:  YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER TO BE LOVED.  It turned out that because I suffered then and my Mom was unable to meet 100% of all my needs (no human mother could…) , I’d learned this pattern of suffering (crying out in pain) in order to receive love.  Now, at age 48, I’m an adult and can meet my own needs AND because of the spirits, I KNOW I’M LOVED in a cosmic sense by the creator.  YET- this old pattern of suffering and pain to ask for/receive love persists.  As an infant, I’d become disconnected from this love.

So in the journey I was able to pick my infant self up and look into her eyes and comfort her- reminding her that she is always loved-  no matter what.  It was quite an emotional moment-  I had so much compassion for her suffering.  She smelled sweet like babies do! Then I was instructed that each and every time I suffer-  my back hurst, I feel whiny or begin to complain-  I needed to remind myself that I am loved.

I don’t know if this is resonating with you at all- or if it’s too strange to understand but it absolutely STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS.  Could my back pain just be a giant unconscious RUSE to receive love- or to ask for love? Back pain = bizarre attempt to get love.  It rang like a deep truth and I cried just retelling it to my friends I was journeying with.  I’ve reminded myself dozens of times since- when any sort of suffering thought arises in my mind or I felt a small pain-  I repeat silently to myself: I AM LOVED…and it feels soft and true.  It felt a touch embarrassing and silly (to my EGO) to consider the idea that I might be (unconsciously) creating the pain in order to get love.  Life pirates- it takes COURAGE to discover the truth in our lives.

If you do the journey-  and you feel like sharing I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you discover-  remember– if it GOBSMACKS you-  you may be on to something!  I’m going to be asking for hugs, reminding myself I am loved (I AM!) and being very, very aware of where/when pain sneaks in…knowing that feeling LOVED is the cure.

Are you considering making a BIG LEAP in your career or simply drawn to unusual healing methodologies like SHAMANISM?  You might enjoy this interview Sherold Barr did with me-  we talk about why I left medicine and what I discovered that made me commit my life to this path.  Sherold is a career coach and graduate of the Byron Katie School- she helps others figure out how to do what they love and make a living at it:).

As always, I’m here at your service!
with love, Sarah

P.S.  Lauralee reminded me that ROOT CAUSES can be ancestral, from a previous lifetime or when you were very young or even in utero:)


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