Why Do a 100 Day Project?


As I write, I just completed my most recent #100dayproject. The more I learn from talking with others who have completed their own #100days the more STOKED I get.  These are game changing, life-affirming,  limiting-belief-busting exercises. And, they only require a wee bit of time from you.

MY PROJECT:For my recent project I decided to post one daily piece of digitally collaged art with Beasties.  I wanted to paint the backgrounds myself.  I also added a quote from my book (which, it turns out, was really book “marketing” and killed two birds with one stone!) As an solo-preneur it was wonderful to have a creative project that also served my business’s mission (to help others feel good!).


1. IT WAS FUN:   First of all, as I began to create the art, I was blown away at how fun it was to digitally collage (something I’d been longing to try!) and I LOVED the results.  In other words, doing this brought a lot of delight into my life!  Now, there were days where I wasn’t thrilled with what I created, but I posted it anyway.  which leads me to Numer 2.

2. I had to wrestle with my perfectionism (EVERYTHING SHOULD BE WONDERFUL and PERFECT, DAMMIT!  No, it’s ok if it’s just reasonable.  We don’t create wonderful every day–but if we keep going we just might!).

I had days where I realized nobody was commenting or liking the posts much and that brought up the part of me that needs everybody to LOVE what I’m doing.  Ha!  They don’t need to love it, but I do. And I kept going.

3. I GOT BETTER! I got to challenge myself by creating regular painting times so I could have fresh backgrounds to use.  Some paintings I adored and others not so much. But, the more I painted the more I began to know what I loved and how to mix colors.  In otherwords, I was gaining skill as an artist.

4. Some days WERE MAGICAL. I loved the image I made and the Beastie message and SO DID many of you and you commented and shared and that was really fun!

(a few of my favorites from the 100 days)

So, what exactly IS a #100day project?   It’s just a small do-able creative task that you contract with yourself to do for #100days in a row. And then you do it every single darn day.


1. Channel a message from your spirit animal each day and share it. (that was my first project and it (after a winter of additional work) turned into a book + deck)

2.  Paint a 1″ X 1″ watercolor each day.

3.  Create an interesting outfit and take a selfie.

4.  Hug each day with your partner for 1 minute and add 30 seconds on each week.

5.  Plank for 30 seconds and add 5 seconds on a day (my friend Paula did that! She’s at 7 minutes now!)

6. Declutter each day (one object a day…or whatever parameters you decide!)

It could be creative (like knitting or writing) or something all together different.  You decide.  The main thing is that its do-able and that you are curious about what might happen if you actually do it!  You can read more about these projects here.

Here’s what might happen if you do this:

1. You may realize you are much more capable that you originally thought.

2.  You may see your old chronic patterns pop out so you can interrupt them (like worrying about the future, procrastination, unworthiness or perfectionism)

3.  You may be astonished at what you can create.
4. You may develop a much deeper sense of integrity with yourself.

5.  You will experience resistance and discover how to bust through it (gently of course!)

6. You will develop a skill that you didn’t have before–or deepen you skill.

I’m tellling you these projects have a way of lifting you in SO MANY WAYS.

This year’s group is starting in May and you can learn more HERE.

(The fashion fun is continuing in our group at facebook! Style goes so deep and I’m in awe of the beautiful discoveries people are making.  I think I’m gong to do this again in the FALL! i hope you’ll join us if it feels good!)

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