Trying to stop eating those mindless 3 handfuls of M&Ms every afternoon or those 3 glasses of after dinner Chardonnay?

Hello creators of wonder and magic!

I hope you are en route to a peaceful holiday season!  I had a SANTA CLAUS sized epiphany yesterday about my own cravings!  Curious what those 3 glasses of chardonnay, secret xmas cookie nibblings in the basement or repeated SNOOZE bar slams are trying to tell you?  Click on the image to watch.

I contributed a few pachydermal tips to Sounds True’s Holiday Companion to more PEACE:)  You can download it free here.

In 2018 I am raising my rates for the first time since 2010…so if you’d like to book now to get in on current prices-  please do:)  You can book HERE.

Finally- we have a cacao ceremony happening in Duluth on January 6 (a Saturday) 5- 10 PM-  I have invited my sweet friend Jen Quade to host- if you are interested- please register- 3 spots left as of this moment.
This is a sacred ceremony that comes from region of Guatemala—place of the Maya.
Here are details! I believe this will sell out quickly based on interest!


Saturday Jan 6 Cacao Ceremony with Despacho and Dance Movement
With Jen Quade

5-10 PM
1811 East 8th Street
Send 50.00 payment to reserve your spot to

Cushion to sit on the floor
Back jack if you feel like you need support
Water bottle
Notebook/journal and pen
Please wear movement comfy clothes- yoga type clothes
Small dish to pass gluten free for feast afterwards
Eat a light nourishing meal before you come.

P.S. cacao can be stimulating – possibly making it difficult to sleep—so plan for a Sunday nap if you are somebody who sometimes struggles to sleep.

More info here:

Much love and elephants, Sarah

P.S.  I am in deep gratitude for all of your reviews for Swimming with Elephants at Amazon!:)
If you enjoyed the book I would LOVE one from you- I know your words would speak to other potential readers!

You can get the book here.  A wonderful gift for a seeker in your life (or anybody feeling called to a totally new adventure.)

You can leave a review at AMAZON here.


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