The Tip of Our Hero’s Iceberg Is All That We See


I’m working on a new book for YOU–the beautiful CREATIVES of the world.

I’m writing alongside 35 other brave women in our book writing group that Inger Kenobi and I launched in January.  It’s thrilling to be in the GOOD company of other creatives.

While doing research for the new book, I stumbled into a post I had written seven years ago that I feel like is useful to me now and I hope it will be for you too! I have updated it to reflect what I see now.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what success is and how to know when you are or when you’re not.  I think when we look at our own heroes ( a few of mine:  Martha Beck, My sister Maria, Anne Lamott. My friend Suzi (who’s an interior designer extraordinaire)…. it’s easy (and EXTREMELY seductive!!!) to think:

 “Wow those cats just have that *magic*- that thing – everything they do turns out miraculously – for them…”.

Unless we talk to those cool “cats” on a daily basis (and a few of mine I DO!) we tend to forget that these people are experiencing the GRITTY UNDERBELLY OF THE ICEBERG on a daily basis. 

My beloved heroes (David Sedaris, Inger Kenobi, Dolly Parton, Steve Martin are sweating it out, making lists, writing shitty first drafts (SFDs),  rehearsing over and over, rewriting their SFDs, doing yoga, petting their cats, crying into their dog’s belly, putting a lid on it, meditating, stepping onto the stage scared, putting pen to paper, being willing again and again to continue doing their work.

Why do they do all of this???  My hunch is because it’s worth it to them to keep going.

Because they yearn to create, to make something better, to improve on what already exists, to feel useful, to collaborate, to make the world a more amazing place…to share the HUGENESS that is contained within their hearts.

OK maybe David Sedaris doesn’t think about the largess contained in his heart (even if I do!) but creating makes each of them FEEL MORE ALIVE.

It brings them joy.

Even though parts of it are challenging as hell.

You too contain this ENORMOUSNESS in your heart:  That part of you that you long to share:)

And when you share it….whooooooooeeeeeee-  there is NOTHING better than that sweet feeling! It feels very, very good.

It makes our soul sing.

I’ve been clinging to that gritty underbelly myself this week as I work on my new book.  I mean, “Do I really have anything helpful to say???”, my inner critic mumbles loudly.  “You’re not famous enough for anybody to want your advice….” She mumbles a little louder this time.

This critical of me wants to give up (Gaaah!) …she’s scared of being irrelevant, boring and “unmarketable”.  I have to hold her hand in mine and remind her that what’s most important is that we stay curious and let our heart lead.  

So, I’m going “back in” to be curious with my project  today because I DO love the idea that a new book could inspire and support other creatives!

As always, I’m here to help you with your work.  The underbelly of the iceberg can be less daunting with support through coaching and/or with help from our loving spirits:)

You can book a session here. 

With BIG love, Sarah

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Much love,

P.S. Here is a book review for WHERE THE DEER DREAM that I just received at Goodreads:
Jan 31, 2022Brenda rated it it was amazing
five stars for YA….but I also loved it as an adult…for so many reasons…I laughed and cried


The nature and local connections were wonderful. One certainly has a sense that Seidelmann knows, loves, and appreciates Duluth, the north shore, Lake Superior.

p. 58: “moon river”…I had never thought about this phrase as it applies to the reflection of the moon on a lake, and the rippling of the light

p. 70: referring to running and being in Hartley Nature area: “The grand old white pines whisper: ‘We’ve been here a couple hundred years and it’s OK. Always has been. Always will be.'”

p. 168, and p. 281: the phenomenon of disks of ice (pancakes) at Brighton Beach, on Lake Superior….the beauty and the science of it

p. 198: the old growth forest in West Duluth: “It’s private property but is supposed to be amazing.”

Mentioned throughout are songs, cookbooks that I’d like to check out:
p. 123: “Ina Garten’s cookbook”

Get your copy here. 


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