The Three Words That Can Save Your Relationships

Praying with a despacho in the jungle of Thailand

Greetings Creators of WONDER and magic!

Even Cornonavirus couldn’t stop us from getting to Thailand and enjoying the hell out of our time with the elephants! Gosh it was pure magic.  I hope that this note finds you in the process of making your own dreams come true!:)

The longer I dwell on this planet, the more I come to the conclusion that relationships are EVERYTHING. I believe that we are here to learn how to love and be loved by “others”.

The trouble is that it often seems like our “others” often seem to make things difficult.  We want to love and be loved by them, but…..(for example)

My teenager is sassy and unappreciative.  My partner is exhausted and doesn’t want to go on the trip to Tibet that I want to go on with him.  My adult child is making life decisions against my suggestions…and I’m worried.

These moments can make it feel mighty challenged to love (and feel loved).

This is when these three words come in handy.

They are: JUST   LIKE   ME.

Think of a person you are struggling to love (or feel loved by..)

As you speak them (or repeat them in your head) try to recall a time when you acted, responded or behaved JUST LIKE they are acting, responding or behaving in a similar fashion?

for example:

My teenager being sassy and unappreciateve…JUST LIKE ME (when I was a teen!)

Not wanting to go on a certain sort of vacation ….JUST LIKE ME (I’ve shot down My husband Mark’s vacation ideas before too!)

Making decisions that others don’t approve of…JUST LIKE ME (I did so many things my mother advised against and CONTINUE TO do so, LOL!)

The more that we can see that we are more alike than different…that we are actually all just one giant (and sacred) organism reflecting on itself for the purposes of personal and collective growth …the more harmonious things will be!


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