Stop Fixating On Finishing and CELEBRATE!


Hello dear creators of magic and WONDER!

I once had to do an exercise with 3 coaching colleagues- we had to silently (without words) get 3 horses to go around a pen 3 times and then – one at a time we had to get them each to enter said pen. It was a daunting task – esp. for me with zero horse know how.

By some miracle we got them to go around three times- but we still had to do the last 1/2. I fixated on finishing.

One of my colleagues motioned us all over – she started hi-fiving us- at first I was confused…..
But it finally sink in….

She wanted to celebrate our first tiny victory!

We still didn’t know if we’d ever complete the entire task successfully but – that didn’t matter! We took a break- partied, smiled, grinned, and patted each other on the back. It took all of 60 seconds of our timed exercise.

And you know what? Then, another miracle happened – the horses all did exactly what we needed them to do.  We celebrated again!

I learned that day how critically awesome it is to stop, drop and CELEBRATE along the way– because you never know what the outcomes going to be but if you celebrate mini milestones….in a way you win no matter what!

I’m celebrating putting my manuscript in the mail to yet another editor – dreaming of a 3rd book that rivets, delights and soothes fellow seekers and (even though it’s not done yet)- I’m celebrating!

What’s worthy of “stop-drop and celebrate” for you today?  Did you walk three times this week-  moving towards your goal of a 5 K?  Did you stay calm in the face of a wailing child- on your way to becoming a ZEN parent?  How could you honor this moment of awesomeness?  It was too hot to bake so I used Zingers from the gas station:)

How could you celebrate simply? Flowers for your desk?  A new book on your kindle?  Dinner out with a toast to YOU?

If you are feeling great and want to share what you are celebrating – I’d love it and it will likely inspire others! Post it here!

Update on the Pachydermal Pilgrimage!

There are 9 pilgrims and just 3 spots left-  is one of them for you?  Check out the invite here….if you have questions about how elephants and tourism mix please read this:). 

Have a wonderful week!  with love and pachyderms, Sarah

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  1. Dr. Karen Kan on July 15, 2014 at 12:39 am

    Great post! Thanks for this! I sometimes need reminders ha ha ha!
    Dr. Karen

    • Sarah Seidelmann on December 9, 2014 at 2:40 pm

      Thanks Dr. Karen!!

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