Road Trip


Last Friday, I felt a sudden desire for a road trip. Did I want to invite somebody along?  I felt a “no” bubble up from inside. I wanted to go up the North Shore of Lake Superior.  I texted a friend to say I’d be up in Grand Marais and I’d love to say hi if she was around.  She told me they were having a sweat lodge and would I like to come?

Following those little inner nudges can lead to such beautiful experiences.

Hours later, as we exited the powerful (and extremely hot) lodge and flung ourselves onto the grass in our soaking wet dresses, the cool wind carressed us and the Aspen trees quaked over us and it was a lot like I imagine heaven is like.

The sweat lodge is a technology of rebirth and I am so grateful for it!

What inner nudges are you receiving lately? Where are you being drawn or to whom? 


1.  Riddle:  When is a problem not a problem?  Sometimes I can get soooo mentally caught up in a “problem” and I worry and ruminate. Today I reminded by a reading that the truth is that:  a problem is not a problem when there’s no struggle.  When I let go of my end of the rope in the struggle (whether mental or actual)…the problem falls away.  Where could you stop struggling and gain peace?

2. If you share posts or creations/writing on facebook or instagram on a regular basis, this might resonate with you! 

“I noticed a long time ago that there’s actually very little correlation between what I love to make and share and the numbers of likes, favorites, and retweets it gets. I’ll often post something I loved making that took me forever and crickets chirp. I’ll post something else I think is sort of lame that took me no effort and it will go viral. If I let those metrics run my personal practice, I don’t think my heart could take it very long.”

~artist/writer Austin Kleon, “Keep Going”

This resonated with me soooo much and, as much as I love to delight others and connect with them,  I have stopped worrying about why some art I make or posts I share seem to resonate with almost nobody– the important thing is that they resonate with my heart!

3. Watching this beautiful soul in his beautiful home was deeply inspiring for me.  He is so intentional and his home reminds me of a sacred temple or ceremony where everything has its place.
If you’d like your own space to feel more supportive,  Register for our free class in August (and bring a friend!). 

4. Words that are making my faith in this world grow this week: 

“Love recognizes no

barriers. It jumps hurdles,

leaps fences, penetrates

walls to arrive at its

destination full of hope.”

Maya Angelou

Art by me:  You can find prints and more HERE.

5. Are you yearning for spaciousness?  Read this piece I wrote on 7 steps to restore spaciousness by working with yourself and your home.

“The thing that had been missing from all the beautiful places I’d ever lived in was me.”   Oprah

Curious about how to create a house of integrity…to make your whole life a prayer?

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6.  Guilty Pleasure Alert! I don’t usually tout beauty products,  but I was so BLOWN AWAY by my kid’s eyelashes from using this product that I am sharing it!  It’s a bit random I realize, but I love a good product recommendation!


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