New Year/Solstice Ritual


Tenderest of Solstice greetings to you all. Winter and the darkness it brings can be a refuge from all the outwardness and sometimes it brings the grief of life to the surface.

If you or somebody close to you is suffering, I am sorry.

The shadows can run a little longer in winter too.I was struggling to find my way in a relationship this week – and went on a shamanic journey to my Mother Bear in the lower world and asked her to show me how to be more harmonious and less judgmental towards this person. She took me to the ridge and sat me down and told me I need to begin by being compassionate with myself.

I wept with relief.

Like DUH??!!  It reminded me that radical self kindness is the only thing that ever works.

I encourage you to (as Susan Pierce Thompson says) to put your bunny slippers on with me -metaphorically (or actually!)- and be extremely tender with YOURSELF this season.

You are loved. You cannot in any way mess this up.

Solstice ritual: On this dark wintry night (or the day after!)- I like to check in with myself and ask myself a few questions:

1.  What went better than expected in the past year and why? (for ex: I hired Nancy to help with social media and OH MY GOSH she had wonderful ideas and I felt less alone in my work!)

2.  What am I most proud of from last year? How did I accomplish it? (For ex: I did lots more public speaking and teaching…..mostly I said yes to invitations and I said yes to my inner longings and then I scheduled the time I needed on google calendar to properly prepare for each of those things so thought they were scary- I was ready)

3.  Was there anything on my “vision board” this past year that I didn’t get to? Is it still important? (For ex: I dreamt of Swimming with Elephants being made into a movie and i pitched a lot of people and it still feels fun and exciting……I am going to take Shonda Rhimes’s Mastercalss on TV writing and create an excellent pitch for a series and see where that takes this dream!

4. What do I want to accomplish in the year ahead?  What do I need/support in order to do that? (take your best guess)
For ex: I want to complete my YA novel draft!!! I’m blocking time on schedule and using airport time and flight time in Jan to get it done.

With big love, Sarah

P.S.: If you’d like to explore what divinity wants to pour out of  you in the year ahead and join a salty group of like minded people to get epic sh*t done, I invite you to – join Life Pirate Academy! . It includes 17  video lessons from me-  the good stuff that will help you!

BINGE watch it on New Years Day or slowly do a lesson a week in the new year!

If you want to receive a Beastie of the YEAR from me- the private ZOOM video conference for Pirates on Dec. 30th at 3 pm Central will be the only place you can get one (unless you are a 1:1 client)!

(If you are a Life Pirate member than even if you can’t attend- I will send you one if you like!)

(exception: I will be giving them to people who come to my event on Dec 30th in Duluth at Amity Coffee!)

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Local peoples!

The next drum circle is tomorrow December 21st- Solstice–at Yoga North- its called “Band of the Sacred Heart” 25.00 6- 8 pm  (There is a Prue-requisite to this course- you must know how to journey already!:)
Admission is 25.00 you can pay at the door!

Dec 30th at 9:30-10:30 am I will be at Amity Coffee in Duluth signing and selling books and giving out Beasties of the Year to anybody who would like theirs!

Learn how to find your Beastie of the YEAR on your own here.

SACRED DREAMS:  An evening of sacred healing and dreaming for the new year 2019.
I’m teaching this with healer Kim Spoor! Get Tickets here:

SHADOW LODGE-  March 29,30,31 A Yoga and shamanism retreat in Wisconsin just 20 min from Duluth.  Tickets are already selling- so be sure to get registered if this feels good to you!

Feb 5th and April 2nd from 6- 8 pm I will be teaching “Get Sourced” at Yoga North to help you find a spirit animal or spirit in human form to guide you!

Band of the Sacred Heart Drum Circle 2019 dates (at Yoga North) 6- 8 pm
Jan 22
Feb 26
March 26
April 23
May 28


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