My Favorite Uncommon Books of 2023


Here are a few of the uncommon books that truly hit the spot for me in 2023. 

(in no specific order)

Foreverland by Heather Havrilesky (memoir) I don’t think I have ever heard anybody write so hilariously about all the DOUBTS that can exist in a marriage.  It made me feel normal and it made me laugh out loud.

Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a LIfe by Kelsey Miller  (memoir) SHe’s a funny journalist who decided to embrace intuitive eating and ditch diet culture for good.  LOVED this book! Tender, funny and thoughtful.

Come As You Are: Revised and Updated: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life  I am not done with this one yet but already I AM LEARNING IMPORTANT things!  She’s such a great writer and you’ll learn things about sex you can actually USE.

Hold Me Tight Conversations by Dr. Sue Johnson  (non-fiction) I have mentioned this one before. Her work saved my marriage.  The type of therapy she teaches is being learned by therapists accross the country now.  Its simple but deep work.

Everything All the TIme Is Constantly Up to Me by Inger Kenobi I (memoir written in diary style) f you ever wondered what it might be like to quit your job and write full time…this is for you.  Its funny, tender and REAL.  When you’re done, you’ll be inspired to follow your own big dreams!

Start Painting Now: Discover Your Artistic Potential by Emily Powell and Sarah Moore    Emily is my number one painting heartthrob…..I ADORE her work and this book she co-wrote with her MD sister is awesome! It will show you that you can start painting today!  Tons of inspiration!

You Don’t Look Fat .You Look Crazy by Ashley Longshore  (Memoir) She’s a salty, no-holds barred artist from NYC who’s story of courageousness is amazing.  She’s made it to the top by being exactly who she is!  Love her so much.

You Could Make This Place Beautiful (Memoir)  by Maggie Smith  I read this when my marriage was struggling this summer.  Its so present and relateable.  She is going through something where being a victim would besecond nature but the book doesn’t read like that.  Fantastic read

The Magpie Art by Paul Feinstein (a daily reader)  This little Buddhist book will make you think.  Short entries perfect to read with coffee in the morning or wih tea before bed.  He writes about things youve heard about and know but in a way that you get them on a whole new level.

OK that’s it for books!

Here are a few more things worth sharing!

1.  I am a pug, not a Whippet Poodle Science-   This video will help you learn about Health at Every Size which is a very important concept if you are interested in experiencing body freedom.

2. Favorite quote this week: 

“Art is self expression. And you are never going to love your art if you hate the thing that it’s an expression of. You can’t make art you love if you hate yourself.”

~ Andy J Pizza

3. Making Something for Somebody You Love Might FEEL Better Than Almost Anything. I can easily get caught up in my ego while writing or making art…wanting my work to be recognized or to garner me some sort of prize (literally or figuratively).  But, I’ve slowly been learning that the greatest joy often comes for me when somebody I love has something I made in a place of honor in their home (MY SISTER MARIA!) or when something I wrote made them cry (GINI!) or keep reading (SUZI!).  This, somehow, is the most deeply satisfying feeling of all! I think popular culture tells us that becoming “famous” with our art—or, being known by strangers— is the BEST or highest goal…but being “famous” among your beloveds is the deepest high yet.

4. BOOK CLUB:  There will be a special Swimming with Elephants ( my memoir about leaving medicine to pursue spirit) book club on February 5th via zoom with Jillian Rigert – I hope you can join us!

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