It’s Important to Share Our Miracle Stories


Here are a few things that are giving me life….
1. It’s important to share about the miracles we experience.  This is something I learned about the conditions that make miracles possible in my initial 3 year training in shamanism.  That is why I am sharing this story with you! I hope you share you miracle stories with others too!

The story:

I learned via a Facebook post that my friend Jon’s dear sister (whose life had been tumultuous as of late) had died unexpectedly.  I left him a message saying how sorry I was and that I was thinking of me.  Jon and I are both on spiritual paths and I shared that I would drum for he and his family.
Later that day, I went on a shamanic journey and asked my spirit helpers (including Alice the elephant) what I could do to help Jon and his family.  They instructed me to sing a particular song to their souls which I did.  When I was finished singing, I asked if there were any words I could share with Jon to help him through this.  They shared some reassuring words and then showed me an image of his sister sitting peacefully in a green field holding up a four leaf clover.  They said she was in a healing space.

I thanked them for their help and shared the info with Jon.  An hour later, he texted me an image and asked me, “Do you know what this is?” I said ? A drum? I had no idea.

He said, “It’s 40 pounds of CLOVER seed I bought as a cover crop for my apple orchard that I had no idea why I was planting until now.”

IN that moment , I felt so grateful for the spirits.  We were both kind of rocked.  The Great Mystery works its magic in such amazing ways.  I am grateful.  I am sure you have miracles to share too!!  I hope you share them because the telling creates the conditions for more miracles to occur.

2.  Buying Art for Your Home That You Love is An Act of Self Care Ever since I saw the painting my brother made of my mom,  I’ve been hooked on the power of art to heal.  But, thinking back…the power of the art I selected for my personal spaces has been empowering me for decades.  I asked others how they felt about  the art in their homes and I was amazed at the impact.  Read Why Having Art In Your Home Is So Empowering.  

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with love,

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