How to Deal with Eclipse Intensity and More


Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week!

1. When Everything Has Gone to Hell. There is a heartbreaking war happening in Israel and Gaza. Anti-Semetic violence is on the rise.  How can this be happening? I want to wrap everything and everyone in a bubble wrap of sacred protection.  It’s not just the outside world that’s  gone mad….my confidence, creatively speaking, was for inexplicable reasons, utterly non-existent early this week and there were additional challenges on the home front + career confusion.  How has it been for you?

The thing that helped me was when I finally decided to assign myself some quiet time. I lit some sage, I smudged the HAY out of myself and my bathtub, and then leaped into the nice hot water and I began to pray…I called Alice, my spirit elephant,  and Mother Bear and just asked for some help…some wisdom.  And, just like that, I began to relax a little.

I could see where I had been misguided all day.  I could see what needed to happen next…which was next to nothing.  I could see that much of the things hapening were above my pay grade and I needed to let something greater handle them.

So, if your sensitive soul is spinning in the swirly chaos this week…take some time to be alone with yourself and your favorite spirit beastie. Maybe you don’t have one yet? Here’s a complimentary journey to help you connect.  

(“The Bears Are Walking Up”- click on image for prints, mugs and more!)

2.  The Powerful Eclipse Portal is Intense:  Sometimes I find it very powerful to look at things mythically- at the planetary level…It’s scientific FACT that our very bodies are impacted by the moon and the tides…and, many of us believe, the planets impact us too.  Molly McCord is such a wonderful and positive voice and here’s what she has to say about Oct 18-24th.  

3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?  Are you asking yourself this age old question with regards to your employment?  If so, I have an UBER thoughtful and amazing new podcast to share with you.  Leigha May is an old friend and fellow Martha Beck trained coach and her inaugural episode is powerful. 

4. The Best Advice for Writers and Artists Ever Doled Out.  I created a REEL on Instagram about it – because I love it SO VERY MUCH. 

5.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL:  The fall and Spring are notoriously difficult for those of us who are Born to FREAK, highly sensitive empathic creatures.  The change in the light, the weather- all of it can send us down a spiral.  I entered such a spiral recently and have been finding solace in a wonderful little app called SHMOODY.   Shmoody helps people feel better on tough days, and build positive habits over time.  The app guides you to take actionable steps to improve your mood, it can track (and eventually predict!) your mood – and I’m digging it. They have a free one week trial.

Shmoody Rounded.png

As always, you can schedule vibe-raising divinations, life- coaching, and shamanic healing/mentoring  HERE. 

If you are curious about when it might be a good time for a shamanic healing session, please read this. 

with love,

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