How to Be Helpful For Ukraine and A List of Things I’m Pondering


My heart has been heavy in moments as this war on Ukraine has been waged.  It’s easy to feel helpless.  Of course, there are always things we CAN do. We can donate funds.  We can pray. Knowing we are all connected, we can meditate and do our best to be peaceful and harmonious in our daily lives.

And here is something else I remembered that we can do….and it’s a practice that we can share with our children and grandchildren…

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As promised, here is the list of quotes and stuff I am pondering this week….

1. I watched the documentary Paper and Glue and it touched me deeply- the power of art and being SEEN…gah it’s so powerful!  You can watch on NBC for free (see link above)

Quote:  [About making their art] …It’s like a pact with the unknown.  OK were’ gonna go do this, but I have no idea where it’s gonna take us…”

– JR (the artist featured in the film)

2.  Are you feeling like maybe you don’t know ENOUGH YET or you’re not exactly an EXPERT or you’re not famous enough to make whatever it is you long to make? I have a tip for you! WATCH my 2 minute tip HERE

3. This free ADHD Online event for women rocks-  I’ve learned lots about myself over the years here!

4.  “Like all forms of destruction, cynicism is infinitely easier and lazier than construction. There is nothing more difficult yet more gratifying in our society than living with sincerity and acting from a place of largehearted, constructive, rational faith in the human spirit, continually bending toward growth and betterment… Today, especially, it is an act of courage and resistance.”

~Maria Popova

5. “Feel that wholeness. Things are not happening TO you, they’re happening within you! Be aware, be present with yourself. Do not deflect – Reflect, on what’s going on inside. Every single day, check out (put your phone on airplane mode after a certain time) and check in with yourself. Have a journal, or take a bath, a shower, a walk- or all the above and more. Really make time to get to know yourself day in and day out. Fall in love with your being and keep growing, keep discovering!⁣”

~Marie Mbouni MD

6. Novelist Ann Patchett writes about the FEELING she gets when the idea for a book she’s wanting to create comes… inspired me to make some art this week!  I don’t relate to crushing a butterfly and killing it —at least not totally but the GAP between my imagination and my art/writing is always a woefully size able canyon.

“This book I have not yet written one word of is a thing of indescribable beauty, unpredictable in its patterns, piercing in its color, so wild and loyal in its nature that my love for this book, and my faith in it as I track its lazy flight, is the single perfect joy in my life. It is the greatest novel in the history of literature, and I have thought it up, and all I have to do is put it down on paper and then everyone can see this beauty that I see.

And so I do. When I can’t think of another stall, when putting it off has actually become more painful than doing it, I reach up and pluck the butterfly from the air. I take it from the region of my head and I press it down against my desk, and there, with my own hand, I kill it. It’s not that I want to kill it, but it’s the only way I can get something that is so three-dimensional onto the flat page. Just to make sure the job is done I stick it into place with a pin. Imagine running over a butterfly with an SUV. Everything that was beautiful about this living thing — all the color, the light and movement — is gone. What I’m left with is the dry husk of my friend, the broken body chipped, dismantled, and poorly reassembled. Dead. That’s my book.”

~Ann Patchett, The Getaway Car

“Wrestling Butterflies” art by me.
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With BIG love, Sarah





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