Hesitancy Can Be Paralyzing…..


Hello dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC!
Have you ever had the experience of a “deep knowing” that you are supposed to go and do something and then you schedule it, say “yes”, muster the babysitters, book the flight, hire the dog wrangler, mail the invitations, and THEN, as the event grows closer and you think to yourself, “What have I done?” or “This is a terrible idea!”

…and you begin to fret that, somehow, even though you are somehow meant to do this,
it feels so very hard. You begin praying something weird will happen to make it impossible.

And you don’t think you can possibly live up to the expectations of others.

Or you worry it won’t be good enough or that you are incapable of doing the very thing that (weeks or months ago…) you somehow KNEW you were supposed to do.

Then you think of all of the other people (the ones you admire soooo much) who have done whatever it is THEY are called to do… and somehow (you think) it must be easy for them or more effortless. They do it with SUCH aplomb.  Or, at the very least,  its perfect in its imperfection.

This experience has happened to me so many times now that I have become curious about it.

I used to believe that: to do or create amazing things, you had to be an extraordinary sort of person.

But, what I have discovered is that you actually need to be quite ORDINARY to do amazing things.

And ordinary people sometimes have hesitancy.

And, as my ordinary friend Lauren’s (who is an EXTRAORDINARY songstress!) lyric Hummingbird goes: “…hesitancy can be paralyzing”

Hesitancy is really just resistance in one of its myriad of forms and the most ordinary people (the ones that do those extraordinary things!) experience it too.

My sister Maria Bamford, a world famous comedian (she has her own show on Netflix) says that she almost always has a strong feeling that she does NOT want to go on stage 5 minutes before she has to step up to perform for a sold-out theater.

A powerful shaman once confessed to a group of us that he left a large ceremony to hide under the covers back in his bedroom. He was kind of tired and overwhelmed, and he did NOT want to be leading that ceremony at all.

I have immense respect for both of these people who are clearly living out their highest destiny- and doing precisely what they were put here on earth to do (at least from my perspective).

Hearing their stories reminds me that these two people are not extraordinary.  But, instead that – they, like you and me, are just ORDINARY people who experience hesitancy.

They just don’t let it paralyze them – at least not for too long….(the shaman did eventually return to run the rest of the ceremony that night and Maria did walk up on stage, again!).

And often, the outcome of their willingness to “do the thing they know they are meant to do” (despite hesitancy) leads to extraordinary outcomes. Performances. Healing. Creativity. Awe.

I believe we are here to be conduits for the divine.

If I believe that,  why would I HESITATE to bring whatever is inside of me forth?

Now, THAT would be crazy.

SO, it’s my intention, from here on in, to be a confidant conduit for whatever divinity want to come forth from my ordinary self.

What wants to come forth for you?

with BIG love, Sarah


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