From Alpine Meadow to Sludge Canal…..How to Approach “Success” When It Happens to YOU!

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Dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC!

A few weeks ago I was returning from a truly mountaintop experience. I did a workshop and lecture in California and felt like I was really aligned and it went really well.

On the return flight, I got this marvelous idea for a new book!  I began to fill pages and pages on  my laptop  during the flight.

By the time I landed in Minneapolis I was …I was so excited about this idea that seemed simple and would inspire many people. YAY!!

I decided to contact my agent and let her know her about my idea.  Could pitch the publisher and how?

I got her response by email as I landed in Minneapolis.  She said that she was happy for me for my idea, but that now would not be a good time to share this exciting idea with the publishers becauseThe Book of Beasties was not selling very well.

As soon as I got this reply, my heart sank.

I went from this lovely fresh alpine mountain top down into the deepest muddiest long forgotten sludge canal.

Shame. Momentarily hopeless and feeling: even if I wanted to do something beautiful and effervescent- nobody would want it.

Failure:  I’m a writer who writes books that don’t sell.  Oof.

Then I paused for a moment.  All I had been hearing all weekend was positive feedback for the books I have written.

And….I remembered that so many people have stopped to write or leave a review at Amazon (thank you!)  and tell me that they LOVE The Book of Beasties… while it isn’t exactly a best seller YET….it is loved by a number of people. 

I felt a little better thinking these thoughts.  And then I sent my agent a email saying that I would continue onward writing anyway – undaunted by the news.

I realized that after mountaintop experiences (when we’ve done all of our hard work and we experience a “success”): it’s wonderful to celebrate that and enjoy it!

Annnnd, we must also recognize that it’s inevitable that we will be getting some sort of downward movement off that mountain top.

Take the plunge…accept it- it is the rule. 

On the way down the mountain….this is not the time to be complacent. Or Ego-driven.  This is the time to really double down, roll up your sleeves, and re-dedicate yourself to the work that you are doing and to believing that anything is possible.

When things happen that are out of our control and we feel bad (for ex: books aren’t selling)…the best medicine is to do something that we CAN control.  SO, I decided to build time in my calendar to write again in January!

What feels bad (that is out of your control) and what could you do (that IS within your control) to feel better? 


I have made something for you! 

Are you longing to love your life once again?

Have you lost your FEEL GOOD and desperately want to find it again?

Are you wanting to truly enjoy your work and how you do it?

Are you wanting to live more adventurously- with more SALT, courage and enthusiasm?

(awwwwwkward promotional pirate photography)

If you said YES to any of the above, I heartily enjoy you to climb aboard my LIFE PIRATE ACADEMY. 

In 17 video lessons complete with detailed journaling instructions and bonus audio recording downloads, you will have received some of the most important sailing lessons I know.

You will be equipped for your soul’s voyage!

This course is packed with the lessons that I share with my 1:1 clients, and it’s priced so that you can take yourself (or a gang of fellow pirates!)  on this important journey of self discovery.

I am offering the course at a discounted cost of 79.00 so that I can get feedback and reviews and I plan to raise the price to 129.00 on December 1, 2018.  So if the course is calling to you- now is the time.

You can do the class as a binge over a weekend or a week or you can simply do the lessons from your phone or laptop as time permits-  on your own schedule- the choice is yours.

As Life Pirates, You will also be invited to join a private facebook group where you can share your own takes of adventure and continue to learn more.

What my request to you is that you leave honest reviews and let me know what you liked and what you want more of- or any way that I can improve this online learning experience!  Any updates tot he course will automatically be sent to you!

SIGN UP HERE for the class!
with BIG love, Sarah


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