Eight Steps to Bring a Day Dream Into Reality: Goofing Off is Number One.

Shamanic Healing by Sarah Seidelmann

Dear creators of magic and wonder,
I want to talk about why our day dreams are so important….those fleeting ideas, those fantasies, the bucket list experiences that pop into your head when you’re walking or supposed to be doing your taxes.  I’m just about to go flying off to Thailand to realize a dream of going with a group to bathe with elephants in the river.  The dream started sometime in 2012.  Shamans across time knew that dreaming was critical and they made time to share their  dreams and listen to the dreams of others.

It started one day when I was just goofing around taking a break and watching videos of elephants swimming and I followed the link to realize that Elephant Nature Park was a REAL LIVE PLACE a person could go.  I checked out their whole site and I loved what I saw.  I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be incredible to go there with a bunch of fun people and learn more?

I decided to mention it (outloud) in my book Born to FREAK because I believe that writing out your dreams and telling others about them actually activates the vibration of the dream!  A year later I decided to start exploring the idea of actually going..it involved a few false starts…I noticed it didn’t feel quite right the way I was going about it…..so I waited and kept the project on the back burner.

Another few weeks passed and  stumbled into another wonderful video with elephants this time it was a hotel in Thailand...and it made me burst into tears it was so beautiful.  I began to ask around again about who might help me create this experience (I didn’t want to be the travel agent:).

Finally, I ran into Journeys International via another coach and a few phone calls later the trip was fleshed out and I shared it on my site.

But the journey was not over yet.  As soon as we had several people sign up- Thailand had a coup de etat and the US government put out a warning:  No travel to Thailand (really???) which had an expiration date long before our travel-  but still-  it was like WHAAA?????

I meditated, I journeyed, I chatted with Alice the Elephant and informed everybody and people just kept signing up, undaunted by this warning.  The state department lifted its warning a few months later and all is well.   There will be more adventure to come I’m quite sure…we haven’t even left yet:)  If you are curious about finding your own spirit animal helper-  simply subscribe above and get a downloadable journey to help your discover your own Core Beastie!

So in summary here are some ideas for bringing your dreams to life:  

1.  First Goof off….that’s when the dreams come.  Be non-productive for 15 minutes a day (at LEAST!

2. Write down your random seeming day dreams–  where do you want to go?  What do you want to create?  Who would be fun for you take along with you?  Tell somebody!

3.  Start googling your dreams–  do a bit of digging…what seems impossible is maybe already happening…is anybody else dong this already?  Have fun playing with the details-  if you were going to do it-  what would it really look like?

4. Take tiny do-able action steps...write out lists of what you’ll need…who you want to work with….look at the calender….get your teeth cleaned in preparation….

5.  Pay attention to your feelings as you look at all of these resources….strong emotions-  goosebumps and deep feel good feelings are all signs that this experience is something that your SOUL wants too!

6.  Be open about how it all comes together…my original dream was Bali but Thailand just kept coming up so Thailand was (in the end) a better fit for my dream….
Be open to what the Universe wants to deliver- as my Friend Suzi says, “God’s plans for you are so much BIGGER than you can even imagine:):):)

7. False starts and hurdles will happen….I like to think of these experiences as refining the dream…helping us work out the kinks and realigning us with an even deeper, better more perfect dream for us.  So son’t get discouraged….sit and wait quietly for a new direction.  Call for help.  Get googling again.

8.  ENJOY the sweet anticipation-  possibly one of the highest vibes there is-  day dreaming about your daydream:)!

Maybe you have a dream and would love some support?  Coaching and shamanic healing can help and if that sounds right to you-  let me know by replying to this email-  I’d love to walk with you towards your dream!

With love and elephants, Sarah

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