A Powerful Question From The Shaman

Shaman (def. from Wikipedia):  Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

Bats are beautiful Beasties and often associated with Shamans as they too can “see in the dark”.

I was recently fortunate to be present during a healing being performed by a Shaman. The experience reminded me how important taking sacred time to do sacred things is easy to forget in this fast paced world.  I trained in the traditional allopathic medicine path and became and MD.  We learned many techniques, systems, language and technologies to heal humans.  One critical thing that was not “taught” was how to be present with patients.  Many of us as medical students and residents were left on our own , in training, to figure out how to be with patients who were dying …how to be with children who were dying….how to talk to patients that had the opportunity to be healed.  It’s not that there was zero supervision…but there was little at times. The great physicians and healers figure this out despite the system we have in place.

In any case… as the healing progressed through various stages in this ceremony I witnessed beautiful things.  The spirits of Nature were called in to assist (as Physicians- we were never told that Nature could assist…it was all up to us as individual and teams of humans to make it work).   Grattitude and appreciation were expressed.   Sacred space was created.  Then, the most amazing and fascinating thing hapenned.   When the Shaman was about to go on a journey to the spirit world to seek healing for the person,  He asked the person

“Do you wish to be healed”.

Sounds like a minor point, right?  Uh-  yea-  I am here in the Shaman’s office.   I had to drive here on the freeway to get here?  Duh.

The question has  great bearing.  From the Shamanic point of view,  focus and intention are crititcal, if not the essential keys to health and personal power.    Thank goodness, the person was able to say yes.

How might things be different if, as physicians, we asked each patient  that one simple question?

If you are hurting right now or not well or feeling dispirited, ask yourself, “Do I want to be well?”.  If the answer is yes and your community (whatever that looks like) circles the wagons in support….you will be well again and given greater power-  perhaps to heal those with the same illness from which you suffered.

If the answer is no….then, ask yourself why ?

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