A Cure for Mile High Anxiety

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My brilliant colleague and friend Nancy says we’re all terrified. It’s what’s happening. If fear of flying (or any other fear) is getting the best of you, I have something that can help. And it’s not CBD oil.

Enough of the flights I’ve taken recently are so remarkable that I’m beginning to pay attention. Recently, on the heels of a huge hurricane, my daughter Katherine (17) and I experienced a long and extremely turbulent flight. People across the aisle from us were holding hands with their eyes squeezed shut.

Inside myself, as the giant plane quaked and dodged the powerful irregular gusts, I was in FULL PANIC MODE. If a wind could toss a plane this giant, it could also snap it like a twig. My heart was thundering along in my chest and after a while, knew I had to get a grip. My daughter was seated next to me. If this motherfucking 747 was going to go down, I was going to be the kind of mother that woman in the scene of the sinking Titanic was: reading books calmly to her child in steerage as water began to flood the hallways.  

So, I began to breathe. For Katherine. I took slow, deep down in my belly breaths.  I wanted so badly to remain calm for her….to be a rock. Incidentally, I asked her today if she even remembers that flight- she couldn’t recall. It’s hard to remember back to the time when I also believed I was immortal. My friend (4 rows ahead of us) reported she was in full on “Come to Jesus” mode the whole time.

As I sat there, breathing in and out, I relaxed just enough that I was able to connect and pray with my helping spirits, Alice the elephant and a few others and they let me know that I was OK.  No matter what (i.e. even if the plane DID crash and burn).  I was OK. All would be and always was well. It sounds like a platitude now, but it did help. I wasn’t exactly relaxed, but I was able to endure. In hindsight, the whole ride felt like a sacred ceremony in which I was meant to learn an important lesson.

I’ve taken a few non-ceremonial flights since, but yesterday, I re-entered the crucible.  I had to fly with gusty 40 mile an hour winds. We took off and our plane began immediately to be tossed about like a ship in rough water with a drunk pirate at the wheel. I was definitely in “get me out of here” mode and busy clinching all of my muscles.  I quickly noticed that I had stopped breathing all together. So, to avoid sudden death, I inhaled, closed my eyes and began to mindfully breathe. I called out to Alice, my spirit elephant who often helps me in these situations. I felt Alice’s confidant presence riding triumphantly atop the giant aluminum torso of the airplane- her great gray ears flapping in the strong wind.  She was having a ball and just sensing her absolute lack of concern helped me quite a bit.

But, I was still reaching for a deeper peace: I wanted that ultra calm that the mother in steerage on the Titanic had.

I thought about a bird spirit I work with sometimes.  I means birds fly, right? I called on her silently, and as I did, this spirit became the plane. Or, I should say, our entire plane became this bird spirit– and I was that bird too.  The shift felt amazing. For a minute, my mind had to adjust to the idea.  Yes…I was the bird, and the bird was also the plane. We were all one.

I realized that I could really just let go and just trust this bird/plane/me/us.

I began to experience the lurching as just a normal part of flying…when you’re a bird. My belly softened and I began to strongly perceive what it must be like to catch gusts off a sun warmed mountain and to have your bird tummy jiggle gently as you ride each bouncy wave of air. We were soaring a little and then, suddenly, we’d get boosted joyfully. We’d wobble a little left then a little right. It was strangely fantastic. I was FLYING. I was relaxed. I had truly let go. This bumpy flight became a delight… an adventure…dare I say it…an ECSTASY.  

The next time you find yourself in an unexpected (and unpleasant) ceremony, you could simply call out to whomever you pray to (or to the benevolent Universe, I believe it’s kindly!).  Or you could discover and get to know your spirit animal or teacher by going here. In my job as spirit animal specialist, I’m always encouraging people to experiment by calling their spirit animal (or teacher in human form) when they feel troubled (or a semi just left their lane and is headed right toward them) because it might change everything.  This story of my bird/plane/me/us is just one example of the magic that is available to each of us when we ask.

We are not alone.

I’m here to help- don’t hesitate to reach out!  

Much love, Sarah

Maybe 2019 is the year you have decided to do things a little differently?

Once you decide it is going to be different and you begin to take a few small actions to support yourself-  things WILL change and miracles become possible!

Love, Sarah
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