Dear Creators of Wonder and Magic-

When I saw the tickets for Oprah’s tour go on sale last summer, something in me said, “We must go!”.

I pulled the trigger,  rounded up some friends old and new and went.

To dance and sing with 18,000 people in an arena was such a high that tears were streaming down my face and I was overwhelmed by JOY.

It was like being in an old tent revival with Queen O as our lady preacher- it rocked! One of the most powerful bits that resonated with me was this:

I have decided that one of the things I am going to do is paint “like I am going to burn it ” as much as possible. So I have set up a makeshift studio in my cold somewhat unwelcoming basement and begun.  Its thrilling and I get to paint a little after work each day and I LOVE it and I don’t want to eat a bowl of museli anymore at 3 pm because I am being FED by this weirdly life enhancing process. (photo is me with a painting I did with the intention to “burn it” )

What have you decided? Whatever it is, I hope you find the willingness to make the calls, gather the supplies and muster the bouncers for it!  I would love to hear – hit reply if it feels good and tell me!

with love,



There is nothing more powerful than when we gather together face to face to do our work!  We connect, we make powerful realizations about ourselves and we get clear on why it is we are here.

March 13-15, 2020 Beauty Lodge at Camp Amnicon (N. Wiscomsin)  learn more and Register HERE

April 24-26, 2020   Til Death Do Us Start – An Experiential Workshop to Enliven You. (Camp Amnicon in N. Wisconsisn)  Register here

Have you wanted to come to one of my retreats but prefer a slightly fancier set up?  I have got a beautiful event in Oct 9-11 2020 at Wild Rice Retreat on the shore of Lake Superior in Bayfield Wisconsin. David Salmela designed the entire building as well as the beautiful cottages you get to stay in!  Check out the details and register here.

Locally I have a  Sound Healing Sessions in Duluth on March 18 2020 that I am collaborating with Bryce Kasting on.  You can register at Yoga North for these.  OR call 218-722-9642. A beautiful opportunity to heal and receive guidance from your sweet and unlimited soul!



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