4 Ideas and Some Art That Are Giving Me Life


(new work “Open Heart” by me…36 x 36″ Mixed media on canvas Available.  

“Gertrude Stein defined LOVE as ‘the skillful audacity required to share an inner life.‘…Stein’s idea suggests that expressing the truth about who you are is not something that amateurs do very well. Practice and ingenuity are required. It also implies that courage is an essential element of successful intimacy. You’ve got to be adventurous if you want to weave your life together with another’s.
-Rob Brezney

Here Are 4 Ideas  + Some Art That Are Giving Me Life This Week

1. Donkeys Have a LOT to Teach Us.  I decided that I’d like to share some beastie wisdom with you…maybe each week?  We can all use a bit of wisdom these days….

from the Book of Beasties.… (written by yours truly with the help of the Beasties)

“The hardy and curious Wild Donkey makes his approach in order to show you why being humble is one of the most powerful stances you can assume. Humility is a most disarming weapon; it can often magically diffuse any argument. When you encounter conflict with another, Donkey invites you to invoke his light-bringing burro power with the phrase, “You could be right!” This is especially helpful in highly charged conversations about pol-itics, religion, institutions, sex, or money.”

2.  It is Difficult to Navigate Friendship and Politics.  I had a conversation with a beloved this week and was sharing with her that I had been surprised to learn about a friends political leanings.  My beloved was surprised-  “….but,  DON’T YOU TALK ABOUT POLITICS with them?”.  I guess we try not to.  But, right now I am finding that very hard with TRANS rights under attack accross the country.  I try to remember that if I rejected 50% of the humans in this country because of their political beliefs that would be insane.   I need friends.  And, I am going to quietly work to help TRANS people to be seen and acknowledged.  And it is not easy.  Referring back to Donkey’s light bringing phrase might be a good idea….

3.  Advice from Queen Latifah.  Queen Latifa said that the best advice she ever received is this:

It ain’t that serious.

I wholeheartedly agree.  The looser I can get about “success”, self-improvement”, how good my realtionship/marriage/parenting/art is…..the more fun I am capable of.  None of us are getting out of here alive — so let’s let it go (whatever IT is!) and laugh at everything a LOT more.

4.  Encouragement is A Magic Medicine.  I’m reading The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom because on of my brilliant clients recommended it.  The author is a therapist with vast expereince looking back over his years and talking about what is most helpful in therapy.  He mentions the unorthodox idea that it’s powerful when therapists (or coaches, in my case) simply encourage their clients– by saying positive things to them…essentially by BELIEVING in them and telling them so.  I’d have to say I agree.  I remember my first coach saying nice things to me like, “I know you Sarah, and you’re going to figure that all out (a challenge)…..” or ” Sarah I am amazed at what you have done already!”

Encouragement can be hard to come by in this world and I believe that by buoying another person up (not with white lies or fake-ness, but authentically) you can make a HUGE difference.

I desperately needed that in 2010 when I left medicine and you might too?  I still need it! What’s the most powerful thing a coach or mentor did for you? Hit reply and tell me!:)

5. This week’s art is “When She Took Good Care of Herself, Everything Flowed.”  It’s JUST SO TRUE-  so lay on your bed, go to the bookstore and wander, buy yourself some flowers, book lunch with a friend– the better care you take of yourself the more beautiful everything will get!

24 x 24” acrylic on canvas

Original is available…check that out here:

“When She Took Good Care of Herself, Everything Flowed.” 

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