When The Going Gets Tough There’s Ceremony


Here is my short list of FEEL GOOD ideas I hope will inspire you!

1. When the Going Gets Tough, There’s Ceremony.  There’s a reason that our culture has ceremonies to mark births. weddings, deaths, graduations, etc.  It’s to signal to ourselves and to the invisible world…”Helloooooo beloved Great Mystery!! Something BIG has changed and we could sure use your help. Thank you!”  This year has been kind of BIG for me in many ways.  I am navigating change like never before, and I was reminded, last night, that it was time to do some ceremony.  Years ago, while in India, I learned a simple ceremony anyone can do.  I’ve noticed that after a ceremony I always feel LIGHTER and things begin to fall into place with greater ease. I share the story of my pilgrimage and give you the simple instructions on how to do your own water ceremony here.

2. Making Art Will Make You Grow. It doesn’t matter what sort of art it is- music, writing, drawing painting, mosaics made of eggplants.  I did an interview with with Teri from Soul Practices about MAKING ART and the voices in our head that might try to keep us from taking the risk.  Watch now.

3. My 84 Day Project is Underway and at day 20/84 I have learned so much already!

-Drawing brings me to the present and that is very good. I love humor and I get so excited when I can make others laugh…especially if there is a confessional element to it…the laughter means I belong!❤️❤️❤️

-A part of me says “Sarah you should challenge yourself more with a harder project- this is too easy and not vulnerable enough!” I respond to her gently today, reminding her that we are dealing with some hard things right now and easy is more than OK. It’s perfect.

-Grateful for these funny faces staring back at me helping me to see the silliness of life.  You can see most of the project HERE at Instagram. 

3. Quote I am LOVING about “finding yourself” or knowing yourself. So many of us can get caught up worried about our identity (myself included)…in this brief letter from musician Nick Cave, he reassures a a person who is longing to be creative…

“You don’t need to know who you are to become an artist. Art moulds us into the shape it wants us to be and the thing that serves it best. As a songwriter, I have come to understand that the more I try to make art that somehow reflects what I perceive myself to be, or the identity I wish to project upon the world, the more my art resists. Art doesn’t like being told what to do. It doesn’t like me getting in the way. When I attempt to impose my will upon it, the work becomes diminished and art takes its better ideas elsewhere.

Art is a divine and mysterious force that runs through all of us. It is a thing of supreme spiritual potential that only comes into its true and full being if we abandon all those cherished ideas about who we think we are or are not. Art is entirely indifferent to our self-annihilating excuses, special case pleas and circumstantial grievances. We must cease to concern ourselves with our unique suffering – whether we are happy or sad, fortunate or unfortunate, good or bad – and give up our neurotic and debilitating journeys of self-discovery. Art of true value requires, like a jealous and possessive god, nothing less than our complete obedience. It insists that we retract our ego, our sense of self, the cosmetics of identity and let it do its thing. We are in service to art, not the other way around.

Kellie, if you want to create, sit down, lower your head in deference to the task ahead and get to work. But get out of art’s way! Art will, in time, show you who you are. One day you will be labouring away, lost in the flow, a glorious and unfathomable thing unfolding before your eyes, and art will suddenly and outrageously turn to you and, like a master pleased with his vassal, say, ‘Look. Look who you are. You are an artist.’

Love, Nick

4. Our son George graduated from BootCamp Last Weekend.  It’s got me thinking a lot about the military. It was a very moving experience to be a part of the ceremony (watch a short REEL here). Afterwards, I read a fantastic book called “What It’s Like to Go To War” (it was NYT Best book of the Year in 2011). If you have ever been curious about combat and what it’s like for soldiers, this book will blow your mind and open your heart.

That’s all for now.:)

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with love,

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