The Cursed Problem of Profanity and My Gratuitous Use Of It

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Hello dear creators of wonder and MAGIC!

It has been a very busy season for me and I have realized…WOW you can get a lot done if you simply work steadily from 5 AM to 7 AM daily.  This schedule might sound like a nightmare but, it allowed me to capture my most calm and creative time of the day and write.  I wrote during other parts of the day but this time was the BEST PART.   As you can see above, my new book is now available for pre-order and I invite you to click over to the link to see what others are saying about it (squeee!) and order it.  It is my greatest hope that everyone who reads it will emerge feeling deeply inspired to answer their own soul’s calling!  Here’s a little tale from the editing rooms for Swimming with Elephants….

A week or so ago I had a manuscript returned to me with about half of the profanity removed from it (I went from 11 f-bombs in 300 pages to 5). The copyeditor’s reason: some of them were “gratuitous”. I was a bit incensed and upset. “How can you change my words??”, I railed inside my head. It triggered all of the feelings of being unacceptable and being “too much” or inappropriate that I have experienced growing up (and as an adult). #borntoFREAK

I dug deep myself, called on my community (thank you all who commented!) and thought about why some of these swears felt important to me and realized that none of them were gratuitous…to me. I checked in with my ego.
Was I fighting for the fucks… just to be “right”?

And I realized (through conversation with my fabulous Facebook community!)  something deeper about why swearing sometimes feels like truth. That catharsis feels like freedom. I deepened and improved the book in a small but significant way by re-examining all these places in the book. I added a few back where they were desperately needed.

So what I initially experienced as a creative assault…quickly became an opportunity.

If there is something you are working towards– a creative project, an improved relationship, a better job, financial abundance or improved health…if it doesn’t SEEM to be going so well at this point…

Maybe what is happening feels like an all out assault on your dream?
I invite you to hit pause and take a few minutes to remember the dream you have.

-The book that helps and heals others.
-The incredible partnership which supports you in such a FUN way.
-The job that does not feel like at work at all- its challenging sure, but it LIGHTS YOU UP.
-A bank account that supports your most heartfelt desires.
-Physical energy and vitality to do ALL OF THE THINGS.


Remember all that deliciousness you are headed for and then ask…
“Why is [current situation] happening and how might it be here to HELP me?

Go deeper yourself and reach out to your community for insights if it feels good.
You are never alone!!
Much love, Sarah
P.S.: Now- for that invitation!

In June 19-28 I am heading to Peru for a sacred adventure with one of the most lovely shamans I have ever encountered- her name is LuzMa.   I am going simply as a participant but, I wanted to invite you all in case it speaks to you too?  This will not be a tourism trip-  there is no Machu Pichu on the itinerary (but you could build in your own visit before or after?   We will be there for 10 days and if you are interested- please send me an email ( and say “send me the PDF!” and I will share it with you.

P.S.S.:  Calling all MN and WI peoples!  May 13 I’ll be teaching in Duluth again! Come and learn how to go on a shamanic journey with the opportunity to discover a spirit Beastie to aid and support you! This Class is for you if:

You are exhausted from trying to make life work on your own.
You have tried meditation but feel too “jazz hands” to sit still for very long.
You have heard about shamanic journeying and are curious, but don’t know where to begin.
You are a rule breaker, maverick and tend to see things differently.
You find that you FEEL GOOD in nature and would like to feel that way more often?
You want more mind-body-spirit connection but are not sure how to get it.

See you there! Please feel free to share with any friends who you know might be interested!
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P.S.S.S. (is THAT even legal???)  Of course you are always heartily invited to come get coached or to do some shamanic healing work…sometimes reaching out for help can change EVERYTHING- I know it has for me!


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