Taking the LEAP- A Facebook LIVE coming up and The Hummingbird Sessions!

Having a paper mache llama around makes things FEEL GOOD:)

Hello dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC!

I have been longing for more community and COMMUNION in my creative life so I have started a little video series I like to think of as The Hummingbird Sessions!  Each will spotlight one amazing human and they will be offering wisdom and tips from their own experiences— my prayer is that these sessions inspire and support you on your path!  Hummingbird knows where to find the sweetness and beauty in life always!

When our work/creative life feels good and NURTURING…we are more willing to do dangerous things…like put our heart on the page, sign up for that open mike OR record a song we have written so we can share it.

What is that you are longing to do?  Do you need help?  Who is the best person for the job?

The seed of courage when planted in ourselves can only grow with lots of love and with help from many others.  We do nothing lasting alone.

So- for my first HUMMINGBIRD- I present Kelley Wolfe, a fellow Martha Beck Coach who has endured quite a few challenges in the past years but she has managed to leap from her corporate job into work she loves.  Watch our 15 minute conversation  and learn how to navigate grief and loss.

(click on VIDEO BOX to watch)

If you are thinking about making a leap of some sort…please join me at
12 noon Central on Tuesday February 13th at The SOUNDS TRUE FACEBOOK PAGE for a LIVE miniclass.

Heres the info:

Join Sarah Bamford Seidelmann MD  10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern on Tues. Feb 13th for a Facebook LIVE to learn why paying attention to wild animals could be the most powerful thing you do to find more meaningful work!

Some goodies you might want to know about before the LIVE!

App here:  What the Walrus Knows by Flat Earth Studio LLC


Free printable here: https://followyourfeelgood.com/book-of-beasties/

Preorder book here: Book of Beasties: Your A-to-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals https://www.amazon.com/dp/1683640497/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_rhWFAb0W9PVVG

Much love and MIRACLES and elephants to you all!

If you are ready for shamanic healing or coaching-  book here and we will do it! There is nothing more powerful than saying YES to YOU.

With love, Sarah


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  1. Amy Bingenheimer on February 12, 2018 at 5:15 am

    Amazing interview with Kelley Wolfe. Resonates with me. Looking forward to more Hummingbird Sessions!?

    • Sarah Seidelmann on May 17, 2018 at 3:36 pm

      Thank you so much AMy!!

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