Five Good Things!


1. Saturday June 3rd will be the full moon.  I just discovered a new astrologer I think you might like too-  she’s bookish and wise! I really loved this reading for the upcoming full moon on Sat June 3- enjoy listening on a walk or with a great cup of something!  You may be feeling the need for a ceremony and, if so, I invite you to make a prayer with flowers on your own or with a friend! I love doing mine in the woods or at the beach where somebody might stumble onto it (later) and be filled with delight.

2. This may be my favorite line of poetry ever. That’s what my friend Barbara said and I must agree!!  She has a beautiful new book on Despachos (sacred prayer bundles you can make) and its amazing!

“can we speak in flowers.

it will be easier for me to understand.”

― Nayyirah Waheed, Salt

I think if we could speak in flowers we could say the hard things with beauty. Despachos help us do that.

3, Living Sugar Free/Flour free has kept this food addict out of the ditch.  I’ve been called into the kitchen thesse days- taking care to bake and cook nice things for myself and my family.  This recipe is one I love!  If you have a problem with food, I’m a huge fan of Bright Line Eating (I get no kickbacks for mentioning them!).

I use 6” silicone round pans with 6” round parchment liners with tabs from Amazon. This is 4 servings!from “Batch Cooking Made Easy by Natalie Aul.

4. Creative People Need Time to Sit Around and Do Nothing. Does boredom play an important role in creativity? If so, is technology ridding our lives of boredom at a perilous cost? On this Creativity Tip minisode (it’s a 14 minute listen and you can listen here), the truth gets ‘curiouser and curiouser.’ Along the way we explore research in neuroscience regarding the Default Mode Network, and psychological research that potentially proves the link between boredom and creativity.

Try the Mental Cigarette Break Challenge:

• Five minutes. Every day. For seven days.

• Turn your phone notifications off. Put your devices to the side.

• Stare out of a window. And let your mind wander for five minutes.

• Take note of how you feel, what you thought about, and the quality of your awareness in that state.

5.  The 84 Day Creative Soul Retrieval is now underway!  You can follow my project HERE at Instagram.  My project this year is called WILD CONFESSIONS and I intend to drawn one beastie a day in my iPad (using procreate app) and to give it a creative (and hopefully funny!) title. I hope you enjoy!  Below is my day !!



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