A Short Tale of Lazy Manifestation


This lovely egg was laid by Sheila Rae, on of our backyard hens…each time they lay an egg it feels like a miracle..it never seems to get old.

And speaking of miracles….

My world famous comedian sister Maria  has a joke that stems from the day (20 years ago) I noticed she had a microwave oven on her vision board.  Long story short:  I gave her one. Manifested!

I love books and sharing and generosity in all forms.  So, last summer I was trying to figure out how to get a little neighborhood itty bitty library– (those things that look like giant mailboxes stuffed with books) in our hood but it seemed costly, complicated and exhausting so I gave up but…I still thought:  it’d be awesome.

Today – guess what? I discovered a new one just a block from my house! Manifested!  Now…not everything you desire can be manifested without any inspired action (if I want to write a book, it may not completely write itself–I will have to touch keyboards) but I’ve been noticing that many things can be lazily manifested- with ease- with relaxation….probably because we want it but we don’t have much of an attachment to it PLUS its something that’s good for the whole.

Do you have a story where something you dreamed of suddenly showed up with little/no effort? How could you let others know about what you are dreaming of? Please share!!10418215_762466150487691_4991548895885834092_n


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