Stuff That Makes Me Feel Good

Products and Creations that FEEL GOOD

  • Marian Lansky- She is a sensitive,  briliant and wise Artist and digital Shaman Shy Nimitta
  • John Derian– He refuses to friend me on facebook but my decoupage crush remains!
  • Simon Doonan- Makes me laugh and snort.  He is ECCENTRIC glamour personified!
  • Sheer Addiction–  Is just gorgeous- the jewelry and the Artist…when I wear her Necklaces I feel very special.  And GOOD.
  • Vintage Printable an amazing site with many many fabulous free images to use for design, crafting or framing up for home!!
  • The Mincing Mockingbird slayed me on the spot when I first saw their book..”It is folly to assume that my awesome lies dormant.
  • John Wind (Maximal Art) is another amazing jewelry designer that blends nostalgia into creations for the modern life


  • Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe University –  a whole village of people that are working on finding their  FEELS GOODS and manifesting their dreams- downloads, classes and wonderful forums.
  • Diane Hunter is a brilliant Coach whose focus is parents with Autistic children – She also uses horses in her Coaching:)
  • Jess Ryan  is like the sickest Yoga Savant I know.  What she can teach you in one hour can change your life.
  • Chris Hollar knows how to rock a Bon Jovi Concert and Harness her FEEL GOOD along with it.  Ever wonder why you love a song or why you cannot get it out of your head?  Check out Chris Hollar’s Podcast (or subscribe for free) YOUR SONG.  She is an intuitive, fun and madly skilled Coach who I went through Martha Beck Training with.
  • Building your Business so that it’s a FEEL GOOD one! – Susan Hyatt is a high octane Coach who focused on Entepreneurs.
  • Indrani Goradia is LIGHT personified!  She did an amazing FREE TO ALL Joy Event in 2011 which was astoundingly awesome!!  Click HERE to get all the mp3’s sent to you for FREE and get a library of inspiration for your Ipod.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of it!!!
  • Abigail Steidley can help you tune into your body and stop the Chronic pain that is happening in your hoo-ha regions.  She is amazing and a total delight!
  • Lisa Alessi can help you discover your WHY so you can get on with the rest of your life-  woohoo!
  • Losing Weight – One of my favorite clients said this group rocked!  Her podcast (I don’t know how she does it ) is fabulous too! Koren Motekakis weight loss groups
  • Don’t miss this amazing series of FREE interviews done by Deb Droz-  they will knock your socks off.  How many different women facing different circumstances turned it around and began to LIVE more fully!  (I am honored to be one of them!)


  • Talk SHOE–  A place to Podcast for FREE.
  • BlogTalk Radio–  another place to Podcast for FREE.
  • Tunecore – a place to upload your recordings so the world can see and shop for them.
  • CreateSpace-  a place to self publish mp3s, books and more!
  • CafePress-  a place to design your own goodies to share with the world-  t’s, books, ipad covers etc…

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