S is for Surfing and Surfing Brings up Fear

(photo credit- MY Dad:)
Hello Dear creators of wonder and beauty…

I had the opportunity to surf in early January and it had been a few years since I had “jazzed the glass”…as I approached the water with my sister…I felt a little stiffer, less flexible, more scared and less capable (somehow) than I had 5 years ago.  Why?   I think it’s that way with almost EVERYTHING with me-  writing, sex (gasp!), throwing a party, public speaking, any thing NEW (or old!)….even  if it’s not the first time- those old fears, concerns, worries or silly obstacles POP up nearly every time for me.  Sometimes they are miniscule…sometimes HUGE.  EVEN IF I have done it a million times before.

I realized I’m not the same person I was the last time I surfed. And in some ways I haven’t changed. I’m still learning the waves. I found myself not wanting to “waste” waves and rushing into a few- and failing to catch them. That’s the old me I’m ready to shed. The newer version of me waited patiently, studying the horizon, for the larger more powerful wave….the one that could lift me effortlessly and take me for a sweet ride!

Here are a few ideas for you in case you’re facing these kinds of fears right this very minute.

1.  Awareness is everything (my Mother told me that!)….KNOWING you are scared or anxious or worried you’ll fall flat on your face is 1/2 the battle because NOW you can do something about it. See No. 2.

2.  CALL ON A HELPING SPIRIT to JOIN YOU (or whoever you pray to)  or (if you’re not sure about that)…..ASK THE POWER OF YOUR OWN SOUL to join you in this endeavor….explain why this thing you are about to do is so important to you (if it’s surfing-  why you want to RIDE A WAVE…if it’s SEX-  why you want to connect deeply and joyfully with your partner…if its WRITING….why you want to let the words come out…)
See what happens when it’s not just you..alone….trying…it’s you collaborating with something BIGGER.

3.  GIVE it your all.  Without a concerted effort to be present….to sit at the keyboard….to breathe….to paddle like hell….there is no chance of riding a wave….writing the article or becoming one with your beloved.

4.  If you fall flat (when you do, LOL!)…realize that you’re just one failure closer to a SUCCESS.
It’s in the BEING, Paddling, Writing, Breathing that we BECOME who we are meant to be anyway.  And sometimes (surprise!!)  we experience that momentary bliss….an awareness that we are content and have created what we intended to.

This year my Beastie of the Year is the sweet and lovable coackroach-  yes of course I resisted her for a moment until i read her manifesto (who wrote this thing!??LOL?) and I was bowled over with inspiration.  If you haven’t found yours yet-  hit “reply” and I can divine one for you (don’t forget to set your intention that you get the perfect one)!

Many blessings for the best in 2016!

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With BIG love, Sarah

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With BIG love, Sarah

P.S.  I’m here to support you—your dreams, your challenges…ALL of you!
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P.S.  An update on the new book-  (a few have asked)—I have gotten many, many rejections and am continuing to trust that the book will land where it’s meant to land.  I can’t wait to share the stories with you!


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