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A Powerful Message I Received from A Medicine Woman in Peru

Hello creators of wonder and magic!

The holidays are almost upon us and now is a very good time to book 30 minutes for yourself to think about how you want this whole holiday season to “go down”….taking the time can make the difference between a frenzied and anxiety filled season versus and easy breezy deeply rooted period of awesomeness.

Need a little inspiration to help you connect with what you want to create this holiday with your friends and family?

I contributed a few pachydermal tips to Sounds True’s Holiday Companion to more PEACE:)  You can download it free here.

(click on video below for a powerful and salty message I received from a medicine woman this summer).  I think you’ll find it inspiring!

Much love and elephants, Sarah

P.S.  I am in deep gratitude for all of your reviews for Swimming with Elephants at Amazon!:)
If you enjoyed the book I would LOVE one from you- I know your words would speak to other potential readers!

You can get the book here.  A wonderful gift for a seeker in your life (or anybody feeling called to a totally new adventure.)

You can leave a review at AMAZON here.

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