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Sarah Seidelmann is a true medicine woman and everything she creates is good for what ails us.”

- Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author of "The Way of Integrity."

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann is a 4th generation physician, accomplished author, and shamanic healer. Her celebrated and unconventional work aims to restore the soul.

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"How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get is guaranteed to lift your mood, put a spring in your step, and pull you out of whatever funk that old logical brain of yours has plunged you into at any given moment...This book and card deck are designed to assist with this level of human homework."

- Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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"I am hooked!
This app is So. Much. Fun. And it yields amazing insights. It is also a wonderful companion to Sarah’s delightful book, “THE BOOK OF BEASTIES” So many things to love about this app! It is simple to use and the beastie art and sounds are fabulous."


Featured Blog Posts

When The Going Gets Tough There’s Ceremony

June 25, 2023

Here is my short list of FEEL GOOD ideas I hope will inspire you! 1. When the Going Gets Tough, There’s Ceremony.  There’s a reason that our culture has ceremonies to mark births. weddings, deaths, graduations, etc.  It’s to signal to ourselves and to the invisible world…”Helloooooo beloved Great Mystery!! Something BIG has changed and we could sure use your help. Thank you!”  This year…

The Power of Sacred Pilgrimage and Water Ceremony from the Ganges River

June 19, 2023

Pilgrimage: A long and arduous journey to a holy place for the purpose of renewing a sense of purpose, or to pray for a miracle.   In the early years of working with my helping spirits, our kids were pretty young  (4 to twelve years old) and my favorite safe place to take a shamanic journey was in my walk-in closet. I’d make sure the kids…

Write Your Bravest Book!

June 19, 2023

Here is my short list of FEEL GOOD ideas I hope will inspire you!  1. Ready to write your bravest book? Take long walks in your neighborhood or do your daily commute and listen to The Writing Brave Summit which brings together 30+ speakers to share writing process secrets, must-have craft techniques, and intuitive and energetic practices to help you dig deep and write your…

Finding A Way Forward When You Are Feeling Stuck: A Simple Method

June 5, 2023

(art: The Bears Are Waking Up by me, prints and more here.) My four kids were finally asleep by 7:30 pm. With Justin Bieber cranked to eleven, I sat in my basement with my BFF Suzi merrily trimming full color photocopies of vintage rabbits, whales and horses out of paper and gluing them onto old green bean cans to create decoupage vases for flowers.  I…

Five Good Things!

June 3, 2023

1. Saturday June 3rd will be the full moon.  I just discovered a new astrologer I think you might like too-  she’s bookish and wise! I really loved this reading for the upcoming full moon on Sat June 3- enjoy listening on a walk or with a great cup of something!  You may be feeling the need for a ceremony and, if so, I invite you…