Life Obstacle Assassins


Life Obstacle Assassins : Mavericks, Creatives and other Badasses Getting BIG dreams Done with Saltiness and Honey Badger-like Courage and Tenacity.

This is a circle of salty, unconventional, free-spirited individuals that is committed and living in surrender to their heart ‘s desire. Whether you are wanting to make Art, a Business, a Loving relationship- a healthy body and mind… have come to the right place. If you are a bit of a Maverick, a loose cannon or a wild card who is serious about making things happen but wants to have FUN doing it- this is for you:).


To keep expanding and risking new things takes courage, tenacity and a little hocus pocus focus. In this group we will have 2, 35 minute calls per month with ideas presented to help keep your eyes on the prize and help you continue to recommit to what you say you want and discover more fun and fabulous ways to do it.


Here you can (and should) swear, be salty as hell, rant, get tenacious, laugh your head off, dream hard and make it all happen. How good are you willing to let it get?


We will draw on inspiration from Tracy Morgan to Marianne Williamson to Deepak and Tina Fey. They are all pretty badass.


Alice the elephant and The Honey Badger will be a few of the Beasties we will be examining. Elephants are very grounded yet pretty badass at getting what they want. Ganesha is the Elephant deity that is “Lord of all new Beginings and the remover of obstacles”. Elephants are also patient and loving with members of their herd.



The honey badger is pretty badass and goes after what it wants.   I think all of us have a little honey badger inside us but it’s powerful to have a circle to rely on for support, goading and inspiration.This is my only private group offering and I am VERY excited about it.   Leading groups is my sweet spot and  I want to be more accessible to more people 1:1.  My aim was to make it no brainer financially so that more mavericks and honeybadgers will get out there and make their BIGGEST and most badass dreams become manifest.   Questions?  Let me know!

49.00 per month includes 2 (35 minute calls)  and 2 days a month of 1:1 call in days.  mp3 Recordings will be made of all calls in case you cannot be there!  I will be available to talk for 20 minutes intervals via phone with you one on one- on a first call first served basis.   (for example:  10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific to 1PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific on 2 Thursdays per month, **will make other hours open to International peeps if needed:)

This is a smaller investment than one on one hourly coaching yet the payoff can be HUGE when you add harnessing the power of the group!  I also believe there is a NEED for little tune ups and rocket boosting as we go about being badass and creating….. so,  I wanted to provide the opportunity for a quick brainstorm or chat.  That is my specialty.  Call in and talk with with me about whatever is on your mind for 20 minutes.  I intend to set times that work for everyone.   I was inspired to do the open call in days by one of my favorite Clients, Jeannette Maw.  (Jeannette Maw’s Masters of Creation).


If we never attempt the absurd we can never achieve the impossible. ~ME Escher

There will be an openness to swearing and generally saltiness. Argghhhh like a pirate- sometimes getting salty is just the ticket for girding our loins. Other times we may need to hang loose like a goose- or hover like a pike. I’ll be introducing different Beasties that use different techniques, exercises from Nature/Shamanism/Law of Attraction and examples of real life Mavericks for getting what you want and generally taking care of business.


It’s a one month at a time commitment- so you can exit whenever you feel like it. You can write it off too, if you are here to be badass on behalf of your business.




Is this for you? Some Salty questions to ask yourself….

  1. Did you have a fascination or deep inexcpicable love of the Badass Honey Badger video by Randall?
  2. Did it strike a chord. and make you laugh out loud?
  3. You really enjoy irreverence and ridiculous?
  4. You know deep down what you kinda sorta REALLY want to do and now you just need COURAGE, SUPPORT and Goading! (square 3 for you Martha Beckians)
  5. You know that #2 kind of scares the shit out of you- as in “Good gawwwd, what will people think, my mother won’t like it or my personal favorite, there is something wrong with me therefore, I might not be good at it.”
  6. Are you wanting to develop your ASS KICKING courage muscle??
  7. Are you a maverick- a change agent- a wayseer…..not satisfied to allow the status quo to be the status when you sense it can be better?
  8. Do you enjoy a well placed f*&# -and other salty language?

If you answered YES to > 4 it is likely you will love being an Assassin.


Recordings will be made of calls and archived so if you are too busy going after what you LOVE like a HONEY BADGER, you can just listen to it later at your earliest Maverickish convenience.


Want to start Assassinating Obstacles? Add to cart to sign up and please let me know your ideal times for calls and ideal times/days for call in days in the memo.




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