Travel Lightly


36 x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas with wire hanger.
I created this while a beloved was moving into the light from this world.  I had the sense that this movement was so, so beautiful and was listening to music Lux Arumque by Eric Whitacre as I painted.
There is gold paint illuminating the ground os this field of lupine…a glorious site that never fails to appear in June.  It is hard to capture the beauty of the colors,  please contact me if you’d like a video.  There is a reel here too.  
The title was inspired by this incredible poem of Lara Daciuk O’Connor
Prayer for the Dying:
Travel lightly.
Take only the blessings.
There will still be singing.
Everyone leaves things undone.
All of it is forgiven.
Your body knows what to do,the same as when you were born.
You will be loved and remembered.
You are held in the great web.
It’s ok that this wasn’t supposed to happen.
We are all learning.
You did enough if you did one thing good.
It’s ok to miss hugs and peaches.
It’s ok to be homesick for Earth.
You will hear your loved ones talk to you.
It’ll be beautiful when you touch them back.
You will be magic in their lives.
You’ll live on as hope.
You are now the passing torch.
With love that binds, in peace let go
by Lara Daciuk O’Connor.

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