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Sarah Seidelmann is a true medicine woman and everything she creates is good for what ails us.”

- Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author of "The Way of Integrity."

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann is a 4th generation physician, accomplished author, artist, and shamanic healer.

Her celebrated and unconventional work aims to restore the soul.

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"This workbook shines a light on how you can turn any uncomfortable situation into boundary gold."

- Inger Kenobi, author of How Do I Look? The Year I Stopped Shopping"

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Featured Blog Posts

Gucci NOT Guilty: The Power of PLEASURE is Not Inconsequential

July 15, 2024

Here are this week’s ideas to help you SHOW UP AND GROW in your own life.  1. Gucci Not Guilty I’ve been thinking a LOT about #pleasure and all the ways I’ve learned from culture that it is not OK. I am earning how to trust pleasure once again. This morning I put on a tiny dose of Gucci Guilty perfume to add pleasure to…

The Struggle for Worthiness Is REAL

July 6, 2024

Here are this week’s ideas to help you SHOW UP AND GROW in your own life. 1. I SOMETIMES STRUGGLE TO FEEL WORTHY.   Many of us are on a journey to worthiness….learning that we ARE worthy of wonderful relationships, self-respect,  abundance, work that feeds our soul and more.  And self-worth is a little different than self esteem.  Self esteem comes from learning a skill and knowing we…

What if Everything Works Out?

June 21, 2024

1. What if everything works out?  Life has been running pretty smoothly for me in so many ways.  The kids are all out of the house (for now!), it’s been a over a year since my dad died, and my marriage is feeling deeply wonderful (after a challenging few years).  So many lovely things have been happening lately, and I am full of gratitude.   I ALSO…

Never Stop Reaching and Applying, Pitching, and Submitting

June 12, 2024

My opening for my solo art show (my first official!) was a smash success and I’ve been on a high, ever since, from being with dear friends, famIly and spending time on the north shore of Lake Superior. NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if I had not applied for the exhibit.  Which reminds me….don’t shy away from the applications, the submissions, the book proposals, the…

Pursuing A Dream Is What Heals Us

June 6, 2024

1. Pursuing A Dream Is What Heals Us. My husband and I drove down to visit his dad this weekend who just lost his wife recently.  He’s doing really well, and I asked him if any new dreams have emerged for him.  I have noticed that when people lose “their person”, it often has the effect of freeing them to get clear on a new dream. …