This Book Just Rocks!

Sarah Seidelmann has hit a ‘home-run’ with this book. Eloquently written, finely crafted, and with a graphical theme that captivates the mind.

Each one of us is unique–born with an array of talent and potential. The choice becomes whether to link our minds with the beauty around us or cower under a protective shell. I prefer the former. I want to interface with people who motivate me to become a better person. And conversely, I want to do the same with others. The greatest wonder of linking to the minds of others is that life becomes a fanfare. Sarah shows us how by harnessing the Beasties of many flavors, we’re soon be able to taste ours.

That’s downright awesome!

Specifically, `Beastie’ refers to taking on the attributes of any insect, reptile, bird, mammal, that has ever existed, from salmon to wooly mammoths to dragonflies.

The book’s primal message? To learn appreciation, intention, and what we can do to bolster the law of attraction. That is, to pause each day to–as she says–Follow Your Feel Good. Upon doing so, you’ll discover a richness about yourself and those around you that has been missed. And… you’ll relish in the shared state of positive feelings, cohesion, and a higher state of mind than you ever imagined.

So…are you ready to discover the Beastie who resides within you? It all starts with turning the first page.

Buy this book and you’ll start feeling good–all over!

Bravo Sarah!