A beautiful book with a powerful message

What a great read! If you are ready to open your heart and mind to different ways of connecting with yourself and the world around you, you will love “What the Walrus Knows”. Sarah Seidelmann has a fresh, energetic and different approach to helping us learn what the Beasties in our life can tell us. She takes the topic of Beasties — one that is “out there” for many (including me) and uses examples that make them feel relevant and useful. In the book, Sarah says: “Please remember that in the great web of life each Beastie is perfectly designed to serve its unique purpose – just as you’re designed to do. Often, it’s what we don’t understand that we fear or dismiss.” If you open your mind and your heart to the message of this book, Sarah’s words can help you understand the role of Beasties in your life. You may start reading with skepticism, but by the time you finish, you’ll be a believer.

Sarah is a doctor and a life coach and some life coaching techniques are included in the book — creating a vision board for your Beastie is one example. One of the best exercises she explains in the book is the practice of “Forest Bathing” — which is all about connecting with nature and with Beasties. You’ll also find a nice collection of “Beastie Manifestos” — a way to begin to learn about what the Beasties can help us learn. If you like Randall’s Honey Badger You Tube video, you’ll LOVE Sara’s Honey Badger Manifesto, which she dedicates to Randall.

“What the Walrus Knows” would also make a great gift for someone who is ready to learn all about themselves through the Beasties that appear in their lives. The cover is gorgeous and the illustrations inside are wonderful! It will definitely be a fun and informational read.