The Walrus is so wise — and so is Sarah Seidelmann

In one word: revealing. There is so much wisdom to be gleamed from Sarah’s book as for the presence of animals in our lives. Seidelmann does an amazing job at teaching materials in such a fun, enlightening, wise manner as to entice the reader into reading “just one more page” before resuming to normal life and chores. I myself read this book in a night as I could not put it down. For anyone contemplating an investment into “Walrus and Beastie Wisdom”, please do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK NOW! Apart from any of the book’s practical facts of beastie wisdom, the art alone is crazy, phenomenal eye candy for the reader. This book would make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in your life from your Grandfather who goes for long walks in the woods to your 9-year-old daughter who cherishes her stuffed animal collection. The bottom line — animals have so much to teach us through the many messages they whisper. We people in Modern Society have tuned out and undermined spirited animal wisdom that cultures all over the world have cherished for centuries, this book will hopefully change that. Walrus wisdom is back, baby!! Get “What the Walrus Knows: An Eccentric’s Guide to Working with Beastie Energies” today, you won’t be disappointed, plus we won’t have to sic the lions on you, after all. 😀