Embracing the Freak in Myself and My Autistic Son Because We’ve Got EPIC Stuff To DO!

This book is AWESOME!! Sarah is smart, funny, authentic and open about her journey and it is one I can so relate to. I’m reading her words going, “ME TOO!!” I thought I was the only one that things like that happened to. Good to know I’m in great company!! I can relate to everything either through my own experiences as well as through the experiences I have with my son who is on the autism spectrum and was definitely born to freak!! I wish all parents who have children who are on their own developmental timelines and journeys could read this so they could learn to appreciate the truly unique children that they have. My hunch is that these children already know that they are born to freak, it’s just a matter of getting the adults on board with embracing it rather than trying to “normalize” them.

Born to FREAK has given me insight and encouragement that embracing the ME that makes ME special is the only way to truly rock it out in this lifetime. It has motivated me to push my edges a bit, really connect with and identify what it is that I want more of in my life. It also illustrates quite beautifully how draining it is when there are things in one’s life that are holding them back from living the life they were meant to live. Having the perfect life in appearances only is NOT perfect. It’s rather empty and quite exhausting. Having a life filled with what fills you with joy and love and connection with all that you find delicious (or knowing how to make the un-delicious more delicious) is true perfection and what that looks like for each of us is different and how awesome is that?

It’s been a long time since I’ve read something that has led me to bookmark so many pages to come back to for inspiration. Sarah and Alice, I thank you so much for helping me to embrace my freak. I look forward to all of the EPIC things that will happen as a result of your writing.