As a life coach/healer, and book lover, I can’t say enough about this wondrously perfect primer of witty, wise counsel.

The boundlessly creative, irrepressible Sarah Seidelmann has done it again. She has written yet another BRILLIANT book of witty, gritty, salty and highly entertaining wisdom. From the clever cover and title, to an index like no other, on each and every page there are gems of wise counsel, poignant personal experience, inspired life coaching, salty spirituality, epic entertainment, and goading to greatness. You will laugh and you may even cry as you read, as you begin to see and discover your own irrepressible nature, your own unique gifts, your own perfectly imperfect humanity.

I have this book on my side table, and I can turn to any page at any given moment and be uplifted. I have recommended and loaned this book to several of my coaching clients and it has proven to be a wonderful, delightful transformational tool.

In the words of the amazing Alice the Elephant, “Commit to believing you deserve to experience all the love and connection your heart desires. No earning or repenting or serving time is required.” Buy the book, as a gift to YOU, from you…with love (and perhaps a few extra copies for giving).