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Both of my sessions with Sarah have been life changing... she is incredibly gifted."

- client

Shamanic Healing

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann M D is a fourth generation physician with over a decade of experience as a shamanic healer and coach. Sarah has been a Master coach and instructor for Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coach training program.  She has completed the highest level of training available at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  While practicing medicine as a board certified pathologist for nearly two decades, Sarah considered herself a paid “disease hunter”.  Eventually, she became curious about what made people well.  Through her own investigation and spiritual path, she discovered that tending to the soul of a person is essential to wellbeing.  Sarah performs shamanic healing ceremonies to adress the soul and spirit of each person in order to heal the spiritual aspects of physical, psychological or emotional challenges.  She has coached over a thousand clients through their own transformations by teaching them the skills to find freedom and magic in each day.  She is currently taking 1:1 clients for coaching, shamanic healing and shamanic mentorship. 

Here’s more about what a shamanic healing appointment looks like:

Shamanic healing can be life changing. It changed mine. I wrote this to help you see if you think shamanic healing might help you:  Twenty Signs Shamanic Healing Might Be Helpful for You. 

Maybe you already know: I just need and want shamanic healing.  Go ahead to the red box below and book your appointment.

Curious to know more? Read details here.  Or check out testimonials here.

Shamanism is a large part of my life. I am committed to being a healer and to share Shamanism with others.  I've completed the Three Year Program in  Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing from FSS. I've also completed several additional Shamanic trainings including:

  • The Four Wind’s (Alberto Villoldo) Light Body school (South, Dying Consciously, Walking with Protection)
  • The Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ (FSS) trainings including the Way of the Shaman, The Dream workshop , Shamanism and Creativity, Death and Dying and The Two Week Intensive.
  • Perhaps most importantly, I've been taught by my own loving and compassionate spirit helpers!

While meeting in person is ideal, I am also able to work at a distance via SKYPE/telephone.

Read more here about shamanic healing and how it works in an article at Prevention Magazine.

Life Coaching or Shamanic Mentoring:

Have you just been through (or are going through) a transition that feels BIG (a divorce, a diagnosis, death of a loved one, an A-HA, retirement, an intense experience or series of experiences).  And maybe it's left you feeling like you're not sure what the hell is going on, but something needs to change?  Or, maybe, you're dreaming of embarking on a whole new way of living and being?

May I suggest life coaching or shamanic mentoring.

I have been trained and certified by Martha Beck as a Life Coach in the Martha Beck Institute. I am also an instructor for the Institute so I know a thing or two. I use many different tools with people and blend them with my own. Coaching assumes that the person is whole and well and simply guides a client to re-discover their own strengths and reconnect with their heart’s desires. I share how you can re-connect to your FEEL GOOD and why following it is the most powerful thing you can do. Coaching can be life changing. It changed mine. We will work in person or via telephone/Skype/Facetime.

Shamanic Mentoring

Are you searching for a mentor to guide you in your shamanic work?  Or perhaps you already have a connection to a spirit animal or spirit in human form and want to strengthen it? I help people get better at working with their helping spirits by mentoring them.  Each session is 80 minutes and will revolve around a sacred intention, a shamanic journey and a careful co-exploration of the significance of the journey and how to take it forward into your life in a pragmatic way. This series will deepen your practice. In person via telephone or Facetime/Skype.

Pick my Brain!

On totems, coaching, shamanism, healing,!

OR very focused coaching session for an existing client.

A Vibe Raising Divination

Bring an issue that you would like more insight or clarity to and we will call upon th sacred to offer hidden information regarding the situation.  You will leave more elevated and feeling clearer about where you want to focus your energies.

What Sarah's Clients Say...

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