Was this written especially for me? Permission to revel in self.

So I got it in the post and read the back and cried out loud. Like an animal. Was it written for me? Then within the introduction I thought maybe Sarah S had a hidden camera in my house. For I too have sat down to do something then found myself surrounded by at least three different notebooks, then thought about Tina Fey, Making salsa from scratch and about a million other different things. I’m too much. I’m intense (just last week someone said “Sarah’s so intense” but instead of apologising and thinking about it for days I simply said ‘I come as I am’ with a smile and come love. For both of us. And I was only one chapter in. I’m so happy to have read this book – it’s like a permission slip from the Universe to just be myself. Even if you are just an ordinary human who has to tolerate my folk, this is brilliant to get in touch with your freakier side and understand that we don’t need fixing and we are important and lovely and move through life at a different pace on a different plane. And we are quite wonderful.
It’s an easy-to read, easy-to follow, well sectioned and bite-sized A-Z of the wonders of being … as you are
SS is funny, tender, real and has created this quite unique piece of writing the likes of which have been hinted at before but never ever been delivered so directly, intelligently, simply and comprehensively.
A must read if your think there’s something wrong with your child/friend/parent/co-worker or if you ever feel you are or judge others as ‘too much’.
LOVED IT. ~Sarah Sensei