Blew my hair back!

I’ve been asking for a big billboard-like signs to let me know that I’m on the right track by following my inner compass, travel the road less traveled and why oh why does that elephant with the dirty feet keeps tramping about in my head. This book confirmed that it’s okay (and a must) to revel and be one with my quirkiness and freakish nature. It also made me realize I am not alone nor the only one to be told they can be “too much”. Thank you Sarah for letting your freak flag fly high for the rest of closet freaks to see and giving us the courage (with a wee bit of salty goading from you-know-who) to fly our unique brand of freakinesss. This is a must read for those of you round pegs who have been trying to get into the “cool kids” square peg party. And the unexpected bonus? I had a HUGE aha regarding the elephant in my brain room. I have a whole new appreciation for the pachydermish kind. Warmly, Tracy