From Simple Shui:

last summer + me. poolside. and i couldn’t put her book down. i was drinking in the rays and alice the elephant. her advice to ruffle feathers, own your point of view, and walk through the doors that feel like LOVE…well, it soaked straight to the bone. after i gulped every single word, i was on her site wondering how to get more. the universe is such a flirt. she orchestrated life so our paths would cross organically. and without hesitation, i did some personal work with sarah. and, then, to my dazzling surprise, sarah introduced simple shui to her tribe. check it out here. but more importantly, if you are willing to see just how good things can get for you, WORK WITH HER. she slays dragons, sees your awesome elephant power, and attunes you to joyful impulses. she will pretty much blow your mind. so, why wait, right?