Your Personal Guide to the Life You Want

Sarah Seidelmann describes herself as shamanic healer and life coach, which is exactly what I was looking for two years ago when I became frustrated with my ADHD, and with a vague, ongoing sense of something missing in me.  I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling not-good-enough and trying to get better by applying willpower, bearing down, trying harder, forcing myself to just do it, all of which amounted to personal flogging that only made things worse. What I found in Sarah was healer, coach, and more.  On my first visit I asked for a shamanic healing and the results stunned me.  I received three “soul retrievals” in which Sarah returned parts of my emotional/spiritual being that I hadn’t realized I had lost along the way (other than that vague experience of something missing).  I read her book, “Born to Freak,” which was the first time I heard ADHD and other disorders celebrated as gifts, with emphasis, in my case, on the creativity and hyper-focus associated with ADHD.  I literally cried while experiencing such a positive portrayal.  It was hugely liberating, after experiencing a lifetime of comments like, “You think too much,” “Will you sit still?” “How could you forget?!” “Not achieving to apparent ability,”  “inappropriate behavior,” and “you don’t follow through.”  Reading her book was the first time I saw golden light in my ADHD and actually appreciated it, appreciated me.

And coaching on top of that?  Quite nicely, thank you.  Sarah has helped me set wildly improbable goals, make commitments, and follow through on my own Hero’s Journey.  “Hero’s Journey?” you say?  Yes, because it is indeed heroic for each of us to follow the path of who we are, as opposed to what society, culture, or other people think we should be.  So now I am daring to dream, listening to myself, and forging a path that is uniquely my own and filled with gratefulness, creativity, and joy.  Mind you, she didn’t give me these things, but she supports me in exploring and discovering them.  It’s an ongoing process.

Sarah is funny, serious, whimsical, powerful, light, intense, friendly, tough, inviting, and infinitely easy to be with.  She has phenomenal range as a person in terms of interests, curiosity, experiences, and ability to connect with people.  She has an amazing story about her own Hero’s Journey, as told in her book, Swimming with Elephants, but it’s not like she has arrived and now tells everyone else how; it’s more like sharing experiences in the continual process of learning, growing, becoming bigger, as in, becoming more in who we are.