Where the Inner Child and Outer Adult Meet

This is definitely one of those books that reminds you that who you were at your happiest child age is your core personality. I have read all of the lovely reviews & agree with every kind word. So in the spirit of not repeating too many of them… Here goes…

Many times my adult girl friends & I have said, “I just wish that there were some pictures. Nothing that takes over the book, but small pictures that compliment what the words are saying…. Just because we are adults, doesn’t mean that we have stopped loving pictures.” Sarah and her wonderfully chosen artist understand this as well.

There are books that you read & think, that was refreshing; well-written; by no means a waste of time. – I wonder who I know that I should pass it onto. This is not one of those books. You’ll never see my copy on an auction site or here on Amazon in the used section – because I LOVE every charming page of it. It will be forever mine, until I leave this earth & then (& only then) will someone I love very deeply get to have my copy. So do yourself a favor and purchase your very own copy of What the Walrus Knows. Purchase it as a reference book, a self-discovery book, a reconnect to spirit book, a gift to an adult animal lover – but purchase it. Then grab your favorite pen & hot beverage while you fall in love with Sarah & her Beasties…. You’ll thank me, but you’ll never get my copy. ‘