What the Washontonian Knows

Thank you Sarah for this treasure. Being a person already in love with life on earth, it is a pleasure to go the next step and start listening to the gifts of the Beasties with new ears, new eyes, new heart. And how spot on! You have managed to capture Animal Medicine in a very accessible, relatable way, as if they came and whispered their secrets/lessons/wisdom sweetly in your ear. It seems to me you are a keen observer, in close relationship with nature and an excellent ‘spokeswoman’ to share the creatures messages/gifts/insights with us. Thank you for having the sagacity to hear your calling to this work, the courage to pen it, the energy and fortitude to ROCK IT and the tenacity to bestow it upon us. This is a handy dandy I will keep with me always. The pages will become lovingly worn with use. I will share with all my friends and I will be grateful for having it. This book will help me expand my working relationship with the animals in connection to myself, what a blessing. I will become a collector of your future volumes! Great job.